24 March 2009


I've been really healthy, aside from the occasional migraine and broken hand roller skating, for about about ten months now. Since I have a trip to Chicago at the end of the week, I have a cold, or maybe it's allergies. It's all about the same to me, same types of symptoms, same area of the body, same migraine trigger ... swollen nasal passages. Does it matter which one it really is? No. Coldergies, a mucusy mess.

18 March 2009

Three Pieces of News

Matt owns this, I'm just stealing it
Matt has his new comic up and running: Out at Five.

DSCF0009.jpg - cornstalker
I've started a new career as a boxer.

DSCF0017.jpg - cornstalker
The Tafeta's is a great show, congratulations Rachael, Lindsay, Sarah, and Emily.

03 March 2009

The Scientific Method

Sunday was the March transfer of power for The Order of the Shovel. I chose the scientific method to select a new leader. Rock, Scissors, Paper.

Congratulations Ben, our February leader please ignore all his directives as soon as possible in the grand tradition of The Order of the Shovel.