31 March 2011

Fourth Week in February 2010

Monday and Tuesday I didn't do much at all, but Wednesday I had dinner with VK. Thursday was supposed to be my exciting bowling night out, but then we got a weird snowstorm that blanketed Sarpy County and practically snowed us in, but didn't do much in Douglas county, so I chose to stay home again. Finally, on Friday I busted out of the house and went to the Jitterbugs dance.

Saturday during the day I helped Kristie move out of VK's house. Our group of friends is usually really really good about moving help, so it hardly took any time at all. I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

In the evening was Maggie's 'Golden' birthday, and she chose to celebrate with her friends at DJ's Dugout's Blazin' Pianos. It was quite the scene. Thanks to the Bens for sharing their beers with me.

The birthday girl, you know the one who worries about everything, really seemed to enjoy herself.

I know how I got the lighting and flash to do this, I'm just not sure I could do it again.

Maggie was serenaded ... oh yeah, it's business time.

I got a new profile picture out of the adventure too.

The party kind of broke up around midnight. You can see the rest of the pictures of this even here.

Sunday morning was the latest installment of Mass Chaos. Afterward, we went to eat at Maria Bonita, which might become my new favorite restaurant.

Sunday evening was the Oscars, but more importantly, it was Grand Marquis playing at the Horseshoe.

This would be a day I liked my camera.

Oh, hey Dean, I didn't recognize you with that, um, hair.

You can see the rest of my pictures from Grand Marquis at the Horseshoe here.

17 March 2011

Third Week of February 2011

Monday had some of the warmest weather we've had in quite a while, the high was almost 50°F, after a long seeming winter, it was a welcome night.

Tuesday after work Merinda had some rollerskating planned, but I decided at the last minute to not go ... my left hand was just talking too much to me about being hurt again. Instead, I went over to VK's house and traded a nice dinner for doing some 'manly' work around her house.

I had a bad headache but made it through work on Wednesday.

Thursday's bowling league was taken over by 'Crazy Pants Bowling'. This was Brianne's idea, so don't blame me.

So, are my pants crazy, or what?

Beth's clever retort when I asked why she didn't wear crazy pants.

At every Crazy Pants Bowling event there is always one guy who acts like this.

Friends are love ... aw! With sweetness like this, no wonder I didn't bowl well.

You can see the rest of my pictures from this event here, including a bunch of artsy bowling shots. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous.

Friday after work I went dancing, and after the dance we all met at the IHOP in Bellevue. The next time that happens will be way too soon, the service was horrible.

Saturday night I made dinner for VK and I, grilled chicken and black bean salsa. I could hardly believe how much lime juice went into it, but it was good. We then went over to see the Omaha Roller Girls. We saw a bunch of people there, the place sold out (we may have gotten the last of the tickets), and a bunch more didn't make it in. It was fun, but not a close match. We left at halftime and went down to the old market. We stopped into Vivace and watch Megan light stuff on fire.

Sunday morning was the next Mass Chaos. It was my first Spanish language mass since high school. After Mass we went off to ice cream at Ted and Wally's, and then over to visit the new Hollywood Candy downtown. Yes, I took pictures.