17 February 2008


It was an almost full weekend. I got home on Friday morning late after working an extra hour over or so, and got to sleep. I woke up at 1230 and got something to eat and then went to hang out with Mae for a while. We had a shopping plan for the annual JNO Pink party. We went over to Target and I bought a bright pink long sleeve shirt to wear under my "Chick Magnet" t-shirt, and Mae tried on half the store, finally deciding on a similarly colored short sleeve t-shirt and a light pink dress. I also tried on some pink sunglasses, but it just wasn't working, we'll it worked, but not for $13.

After heading over to No Frills to get a pink bandana, I dragged Mae into The Game Shoppe for just a minute ... ninety minutes later ... I dragged her out of The Game Shoppe. We had made several new friends, played two games of Giza, and bought both the aforementioned Giza and Mae picked up a game called Sleuth also. I told BeckyRants about it later and she just smiled and said "That girl can shop anywhere."

After eating, getting ready, and a few more games of Giza with Spanky and Schmendrick, we headed over to the pink party.

IMG_7552.JPG - Cornstalker
Almost all of the ladies had the color choice correct, about half the gentlemen did.

IM004248.JPG IM004249.JPG
In a very odd switch, my camera was working great, and SmileChild's camera was being spastic.

IMG_7552.JPG - Cornstalker
Vivian took several good pictures including this one of Beth and I.

100_7042.JPG - Cliffo
There was a partnered swing dance contest, I entered with Little Debbie. We didn't win. It was a nice contest, they actually played music that was at a normal speed.

After the dance several of the gentlemen went to Perkins. Yep, seven guys all wearing pink sat down together at a table at Perkins. Beckstraordinary showed up to give us some credibility.

Saturday there were three things to do, but only time for two of them. The first and most important was SinginMonkeyGirl recording her first CD.

Recording Session 2
SinginMonkeyGirl gets ready to play.

It was a group effort, SmileChild and SinginMonkeyGirl's friend Sarah sang some back up, ErinOneDay did the engineering and dangerous microphone arranging, and myself and SinginMonkeyGirl's friend Nick sat in as entourage members.

Although I have heard SinginMonkeyGirl sing songs I had written the lyrics for before, it was a humbling and moving experience to have them put down in recorded format. Both Everlasting Water and More of You are now recorded, the second of which moved me to tears. I'll set up a link to them if when they appear on the internet.

Saturday night turned out to be a disappointment, but there was plenty of lemonade to go around once we finished with those lemons. I originally wanted to go up to Sioux Falls to the dance that David was having up there, however in talking to Cornstalker, Vivian, Venche, and JennyJitterbug, it seemed like none of my friends were going there, so I was going to go to Lincoln for some ballroom dancing. No problem.

Well then it turned out Mae, Spanky, Ben, and Beckstraordinary wanted to go to Sioux Falls, so plan B went back to plan A. Well time came around to go, and the weather forecasters were setting out a winter storm warning, complete with freezing rain followed by possible white out conditions ... all just in time for the drive home from Sioux Falls (it's is about 3 hours each way). So, we decided to not go anywhere. So Ben and I hung out with Spanky and Mae all evening. We played Dread Pirate while hanging out / eating ice cream at Culvers, Ben and I watched Spanky play Mass Effect, we played plenty of Giza, and it turned out Ben had never seen The Princess Bride, so we watched that too.

The weather, of course, never materialized.


Sarah said...

Thank you for making my boyfriend watch Princess Bride. It's just never worked out the other times it's come up.

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