28 October 2008

Haunted Saturday

Last Saturday Troy planned a surprise for Merinda, a trip to the Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. Since it was a surprise, Troy hadn't told Merinda what it was or that anyone else was going. We were all going to meet up at the Ponderosa near Worlds of Fun, surprise her there and then go to the park, the best laid plans...

Steve, Ben, and I piled in my car with Ben's talking GPS, and headed off to Kansas City. Troy wanted us to leave at 1230, and we left much closer to 1304, so I figured we were a half hour behind them, so no chance of randomly running into them, right? We pulled into the I-29 rest stop by Mound City, MO, did our resting, and we were just hanging out in the beautiful weather when I looked up and sure enough, here comes Troy's car towards us. RUN!!! Ben and I ran, Steve tried a more stealthy approach, but it was too late, Merinda spotted my car...

Haunt at Worlds of Fun 2008 1 of 21 - Merinda
I'd figure just one more cranberry red sedan shouldn't be that easy to spot, so what gave it away?

Oh, yeah, my car is kind of obvious.

Haunt at Worlds of Fun 2008 2 of 21 - Merinda
So what do you do when you are busted? Play Frisbee of course.

Once back on the road, there was opportunity to test out my camera's shutter speed capabilities with the beginnings of fall colors.

We got down to Kansas City following directions and to where the Ponderosa was supposed to be ... only it's not ... it's now the Golden Buffet ... and that has a for sale sign on it too. It looks like a good location to me, darn mismanagement. So we traveled 180 miles to dine at Wendy's, you'd have thought we could have found a closer one than that. Becky and Gabe met up with us there. After we ate, we dropped Becky's car off in Liberty and headed to the park.

*Somebody* was very excited to visit a big Halloweenapalooza.

The place was full of overpriced shops, Ben really wanted to go here, but we wouldn't let him.

Troy, Merinda, and Ben wait to go on a ride that would make me throw up ... and don't believe Troy's shirt.

Does this pole make me look fat? (credit Becky for the line)

Don't touch that, you don't know where it's been.

100_2506.JPG 100_2510.JPG
Why is Ben scared and in shock? We just told him he has to ride a roller coaster. I'm the one in the second picture with my hands up.

Piratey Ben rules the floating in midair seas! Arg!

Poor Troy, he is stuck this life with friends who think they are funny. Better luck next time Troy.

100_2534.JPG 100_2545.JPG
The haunt part of the park had everything, thick fog...

100_2547.JPG 100_2569.JPG
...odd scenery...

100_2547.JPG Haunt at Worlds of Fun 2008 16 of 21 - Merinda
...and costumed employees.

Haunt at Worlds of Fun 2008 15 of 21 - Merinda
I really got into the spirit of it all.

The weather was awesome, but it also made for the only bad part, the lines...

...they just seemed to dragon forever.

We ended up leaving about midnight, we made it home by 0330, with 3/4 gallons of gas left in the car and no major sleeping at the wheel incidents. Just one more picture from the trip...

...yep, I knew that.

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