10 September 2009

2009 NFL Season, and This Hurts

Bear down, Chicago Bears, and we'll follow you to victory!

What is this? An offense? The Bears haven't had this kind of scoring offense since, never. Even the 84 team with McMahon and Payton didn't have the kind of point scoring potential that these Bears do with Cutler, Forte, and tight end Greg Olsen. This team has the potential to light it scoreboards all around the NFL. This is a top five offense. I'm excited, like when Grossman was good a few years ago, but without the flakiness. However, my Bears have the same sort of issues on defense that they did a year ago ... I believe they will improve from last year, but will it be enough?

Unfortunately, I just have to say no, and it hurts to say this, Green Bay is just too good. So here are my predictions for the year:

East - Eagles
North - Packers
South - Saints
West - Seahawks
Wild Card 1 - Bears
Wild Card 2 - Cowboys

East - Patriots
North - Ravens
South - Colts
West - Chargers
Wild Card 1 - Steelers
Wild Card 2 - Titans

NFC Champion: Packers
AFC Champion: Chargers

Superbowl Champion: Chargers

The surprise team of the year: Kansas City Chiefs, new staff with a winning pedigree, a good home field advantage, and let's face it, they are playing Denver and Oakland twice. I think they will jump up to 8-8 or 9-7.

I think the Bears, Saints, and Colts are A-/B+ teams, but I think the Packers, Chargers, and Patriots are all A's. I think the Chargers division opponents make for an easy schedule, and the best record in football. I think this will allow them to get to the playoffs better rested and in better shape, so this is their year.

I'll happily be wrong and have my Bears win it all!

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