28 February 2011

Second Week on February 2011

Monday I went to the doctor about my back pain, and I set into motion to get a stand up cube at work. I think it will help alleviate my back issues by being able to stand all day ... sitting is bad. After work I went over to CJ's for the latest gathering of the Disorder of the Stick, i.e. our Pathfinder group. My character is quite uncooperative at times. Our group was railroaded into an encounter with an obviously much higher level character who 'conveniently' needed our help. He proceeded to try to tempt/bribe us into cooperation. He knew a little too much about us, and if he was really that powerful, why did he need our help? I refused to go along with the story. It'll be interesting to see how it ends up.

Tuesday night I dinner with VK. On Wednesday I stayed home and didn't do much. Thursday my back was finally better, so I bowled. I had a 432 series, so that's four pins total above my average. Wow.

Friday I got back on the exercise band wagon, and that felt good. However, on the way home, I about as bad of a panic attack as I have had in years and years. No real logical source, but it's panic attack, not a thinking attack. Finally after getting it all cleared up and calmed down, I went to the annual jitterbugs pink party.

Yes, everyone finds love on Saint Valentine's Day. Photo credit: Matt

Saturday morning I did chores, then in the late afternoon, headed over to Kaleb's game night. We, meaning just Kaleb and I, played a game called Battle Line, which I really liked. It's a card game where you use your hand to control portions of the board. Our game was as close as it gets, Kaleb won, but the card he had was the only one he could have gotten to win, I had more options, but didn't get the draw. I mean possibly enough to buy it and/or get the iPhone App. We also played a game of Endeavor. I didn't win.

I left there and went to the dance at GAMe. Dan was the deejay and played ZZ Top if you can believe it. I did have a fifteen second conversation with Shannon, I suppose it's a good thing. You can see me not dancing here on Jillian's Flickr.

Sunday was the latest installment of Mass Chaos and lunch. The weather turned beautiful, and I walked around the neighborhood, quite mindful of standing water. Later in the evening Kimee and I had dinner at Culver's, and then we attempted a walk, but by then it was too cold.

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