27 February 2005

Martini? More Like Ugh-Tini

I can drink just about anything that doesn't begin with T-E-Q, but there are somethings I just like better. Billy & Lindsay's martini party was very cool, except for the martini part. First of all, I don't really care for the taste of vodka, and second of all, the drinks come in these glasses that are specially designed for spilling... come on, I have enough trouble not spilling my beer when it's in a bottle, and there is a reason that ever glass I've ever bought has been plastic... I am a klutz. I knew about 1/2 of everyone there. I guess I really didn't talk to anyone I didn't know, which isn't that unusual for me. There was a 40's theme to the party, some people looked really fantastic. Robin does such a good job of period dress and hair. Miriam had on a dress she made. The Creighton-ettes, Mon, Tita, and Nicole were cute as always. Even the Jones boys looked respectable and there was no fight club, even after Kyla got there. Merinda looked especially fantastic, which means of course, I didn't get any good pictures of her. The big embarrassment was how Chris and I dressed alike... no wait, I'm not a woman, it's quite cool, and I got a good picture of us.

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