28 February 2005

About as Sharp as the Leading Edge of a Bowling Ball

Yep, that's me today, I didn't do much right at work besides get there on time... after that, it was all downhill. It wasn't really a bad day, busy yes, but mostly because I had to do everything two or three times before it was right. I have no excuses, I felt fine, not spacey or drugged, not distracted, just messing stuff up. I'm figuring on crawling into bed early, and hoping a bowling ball doesn't drop out of the sky on me.

27 February 2005

Martini? More Like Ugh-Tini

I can drink just about anything that doesn't begin with T-E-Q, but there are somethings I just like better. Billy & Lindsay's martini party was very cool, except for the martini part. First of all, I don't really care for the taste of vodka, and second of all, the drinks come in these glasses that are specially designed for spilling... come on, I have enough trouble not spilling my beer when it's in a bottle, and there is a reason that ever glass I've ever bought has been plastic... I am a klutz. I knew about 1/2 of everyone there. I guess I really didn't talk to anyone I didn't know, which isn't that unusual for me. There was a 40's theme to the party, some people looked really fantastic. Robin does such a good job of period dress and hair. Miriam had on a dress she made. The Creighton-ettes, Mon, Tita, and Nicole were cute as always. Even the Jones boys looked respectable and there was no fight club, even after Kyla got there. Merinda looked especially fantastic, which means of course, I didn't get any good pictures of her. The big embarrassment was how Chris and I dressed alike... no wait, I'm not a woman, it's quite cool, and I got a good picture of us.

25 February 2005

Little Blue Pill

It's official, I am now old. I sent a link to my oldest and (until very recently) dearest friend Jen. She said that she could "think of something... ...better than dinner w/ friends". Maybe I should ask my doctor about Viagra. *sigh* To long for the old days; those hormone-induced-bad-decision days; when happiness was a case of beer, and an equally drunk girl; getting horny cause the wind is blowing; when I thought nothing of sleeping on the floor of an apartment of someone I had never met before; when I had no money, and couldn't hold a job; when all the conversation centered around music, cars, video games, and girls - only one of which I now know anything about; I DON'T MISS THOSE DAYS AT ALL! ...well maybe the wind blowing part.

24 February 2005

Dance, Part 0001H

Went to what I thought was my last bal-swing class last night, turns out there is one more to go according to Billy. I think I got some of it figured out, well mostly because some of the stuff Billy & Lindsay were teaching us with the come-around was kind of like a mashed together bluesy inside turn and a funny-bring-her-in. I feel bad for Billy, because when I am in class with Monica or Tita I just chat with them and pay no attention to Billy... I suppose I paid for the class, but Billy knows so much anything you learn is good stuff.

23 February 2005

Dinner w/ Friends

After work (which just plain blew today) I went out to eat at Lo Solo Mio with Dawn, Kara, and Rachel. I'm not sure, but I just don't think there is anything I enjoy more than good friends and the dining experience. It was about five minutes of work conver-gossip, and the rest laughing, good conversation, and of course with this group, food. How's that for being in touch with my girlie side.

22 February 2005

Goodbye, Uncle Rufus

oops, this got accidently deleted :-(

21 February 2005

Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead

Okay, maybe not the witch, but my main contact with the client of my project at work... and he's not really dead, he is just quitting (or maybe was fired). It's my hope that his replacement has some experience with the transportation industry and current trends, because this guy didn't get it. It's really a moot point since my employer and this client are parting ways on June 30, by the time the new person gets in place, it will be time for them to be fired for all the mistakes the previous person made. (names omitted to protect my job)

20 February 2005

Savoring the Cure

I want some chicken noodle soup. I want it because I have a cold... isn't that the reason people eat chicken noodle soup? Unfortunately, thanks to modern advertising, I get to savor my soup, I get to enjoy the white roasted chicken and curly egg noodles, as if I could smell or taste anything with this cold. Perhaps I can mix the soup with my cold and have delicate herb-seasoned snot running down my nose.