29 October 2005

Superfreaky Monster?

When I got to work today, this little 'scary' monster was on my desk. He dances and sings Superfreak.

Hi Blog, Remember Me?

Well this has certainly been a while since I have written anything here. I don't quite know what happened to an entire two weeks, but it is gone now.

Tonight is one of my favorite occurences during the year... "fall behind", yep, I am going to get an entire extra hour of sleep tonight. I will be well rested for the next sixth months until the time changes again.
I think the entire thing time change thing is a farce. People force their lives to adhere to what the clock says instead of what the sun does... hmmm. I live next to a school, and when kids are going to school now, it is dark... why??? Why does the school have to operate on the clock, dangerously, who is being served by that? If the sun doesn't rise until 8:00am then start school at 8:30am. This isn't a mystery. There isn't a need for different time zones, run everything off of UTC with a 24hr clock and everybody can have their own local time... Central time, Omaha time, how about Eric Standard Time. Instead of "you have to be to work at 7:00am CDT, it would be "you have to be to work at 1300 UTC". No problem, people are smart, once they set their watches and clocks to a certain time, they can figure it out, as for everyone having their own personal time zone, no problem there either, how many people do you know who already have their clocks set :15 fast (or slow).

18 October 2005

Half Eaten Words

Sprint has made me eat my words... sort of. I went in on Monday to get the phone that was going to replace the one that the camera didn't work in, which was replacing the one that wouldn't ring. I get there, and of course, they have no clue, and can't find the phone that they ordered for me. So after :10 minutes of searching, the guy comes out and gives me a brand new upgraded model phone.

So now I have a brand new phone, and nothing to complain about for a while.

17 October 2005

Lindy in the Dark

This was a cool idea. A pretty night, a beautiful full moon, and dancing with your friends.

10 October 2005

Sprint + Nextel = Still Bad Customer Service

My less than six month old cell phone quit ringing. It wasn't a hardware issue, it was a software issue, it would ring sometimes, but not others. So I took it in to have the thing upgraded, no dice, it still didn't work, so they ordered me a new phone.

I picked it up several days later and spent half of the next day reprogramming all of my phone numbers into the new phone. Got that finished, and started looking at getting pictures transferred onto the new phone so I could "see" who is calling. I lost the old pictures because I wasn't quite as smart as the phone. I decided to take a picture of Cherokee sitting on the couch for my background, I hit the camera button, it loaded up, went to a black screen, and then rebooted the phone. Can I duplicate the problem... yes.

So I trudge back to the Sprint store, and sure enough, they have to order me a new phone. Grrr.

03 October 2005

Cowtown Photos

Okay, so here are some photos from Cowtown Jamborama.
click on any photo for a larger view!

Lindsay, Vivian, and Suzie wondering when I am going to ask them to dance...

Greg doing his best rock star impression...

Troy spinning the discs... um mp3's... would you believe 1's and 0's.

Robin is supposed to be pretending to pick her nose here. It's a bad fake. Vivian looks on, Merinda and Becky talk, and Suzie stares into space.

Here is the background on this one: Corinn brought her homework to the welcome dance! So I snuck up behind her and put the camera in between her and her homework.

Carmen is wishing that someone, anyone here can speak Spanish.

Chris says "it's one of my favorite moves, you just spin her left and right really quick, and her hair just freezes like that."

I can think of nothing appropriate to caption this one with.

Here is a sight you don't see everyday, an alpaca and a cow out of their normal environments.

My dear, sweet friend Robin, so full of class, expressing her obvious need for a giant lollipop.

Let me show you how I scored the winning goal for my high school in the state soccer final...

Kevin dancing with the very charming Jenny.

Corinn says "no don't take that picture of Chris, take one of me, me, me, it's all about me."

Andrew here is wearing a very stylish shirt that was also modeled by another certain good looking man that evening. Which just goes to prove: two girls in the same outfit, disaster... two guys wearing the same thing, lifelong buddies.

One of the classes taught by Peter and Caitlin... see previous post if you wonder why nothing clever is being said here.

Lucy is trying to see if she can get Gary to dance with her some more.

"MMMM that lollipop sure was good!"

This is the best photo of the dance contest I competed in, I believe I am behind the cow.

The cow makes his first appearance, he's probably looking for a heifer.

"Over here ladies, don't miss out on this bunch of bull."

Becky says "If I knew I'd have a cow hitting on me, I'd have stayed in New Orleans". Merinda says "Here Eric, let me make you some more Jello shots."

The cow says "Hey! I'm a bull, I don't want to dance with a guy, go away!"

"No! Can't you city boys see I'm a male cow!"

"Finally... hey baby, you want to come on over to my field and I'll show you my collection of cow pies"

Vivian smiling, I think some corn is STILL stuck in her teeth. Congrats on your prize winning effort.

Corinn and Miriam came out in the this cute cow costume. Corinn got the front, poor Miriam was bringing up the rear.

This is a picture of poor Miriam being the back end of a cow.

Lori and I riding on Bob's what-cha-ma-thinga-ma-jingy.

It happens at every party, someone dances too much with the cow and passes out.