08 August 2007

An experimental post

The roomie, aka Schmendrick, performed a three phase experiment last night:
  1. An experiment in rapid cooling: ie he placed a can of Dew in the freezer.
  2. An experiment in distraction related forgetfulness: ie he forgot he did it.
  3. An experiment in water based liquid expansion when frozen in a limited space: ie parts one and two led to a predictable conclusion.

When liquid water becomes solid, it assumes a crystalline structure which occupies more physical space than the liquid form.

At the end of these experiments, he performed a fourth, one he has rarely attempted before, and never at his own will ... he cleaned up after himself.


GingerKid said...

I recently did a survery of the opposite effect. I left a couple soda cans in the fridge in the camper for the first couple months of summer (the camper is not hooked up to electric, so it's sitting locked up in this 100 degree weather). One of the cans decided to explode all over in the fridge. I figured I'd tell you so that he doesn't decide to try that experiment, I'll save him... or probably you... the fun of cleaning it up.

Get A Life! said...

Mountain of Ewwww!!!