02 August 2007

A nice shot of perspective

I have been struggling with myself lately, a whole lot of me me me me me, and I haven't been able to figure out a way out of it on my own. I know I am a lot happier, and probably more pleasant to be around when I am other-focused rather than me focused.

Life provides perspective all on it's own, unfortunately, it is usually the kind of things that are tragic, or news that is unwanted.

My cousin Steve has passed away at the too young age of 38 of cancer, leaving behind a wife and children. We knew it was coming, but regardless of knowing it was coming or not, the loss is tangible to me if for no other reason how it has affected my mother. It isn't that personal, because I am not connected so closely to my extended family, and but it doesn't change the tragic aspect of the event.

My mother and I talked yesterday, and she gave me the news, but then went off on a half hour tangential monologue that included several tasty, interesting, and completely TMI tidbits about family secrets that frankly, I didn't want to know. She also talked about some recent things about herself, post-occurrence that I should have known. *Sigh* moms.

The news about the bridge collapse in Minneapolis brought it all home for me. Sure the chances that Adriane, or any of the other Minneapolis girls or dancers were hurt are very very slim, but it still gave me pause.

My stated goal in life is to be a reflection of God's love for me to everyone, but I know (and I hope) my friends see that the most. I cannot tell you all enough how much I love and appreciate you, and how precious you are to me.

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GingerKid said...

Even though you question yourself, you do show those around you that you do care about them. I have pictures of my desk to prove that! =)