10 August 2009


When I was a child, our family owned a pop up camper, and from 1971 to 1981 we went camping quite a bit. For at least one summer, maybe more, we had the camper up at a nearby campground for several weeks, if not the whole season. I remember the name of the place being "Potawatomi Lake", in Branch County, Michigan. Most of the rest of our camping excursions were all over the upper midwest.

(As I am writing this, I am remembering stories from camping and laughing.) As I said, we had the pop up camper, and a very organized father; from the moment that the car shut off from parking the camper into it's spot, we could have the camper set up, car unhooked and unloaded, and campsite set up in seven minutes. I tell you seven minutes not because I am prone to exaggeration, but because my father timed it. Everyone had a job to do, and we all did our jobs and cooperated, because we weren't allowed to play until the campsite was set up.

Although I still own a sleeping bag, my adult camping experiences have been less than enjoyable ... until this weekend!

100_7356.JPG - me
105F heat? No matter, jump in the lake for three hours.

100_7362.JPG - me
Fortunately, I'm used to this kind of look.

DSCF0059.JPG - matt
A little monkey in the middle (is this politically correct?) played with two monkies and three squishy balls is a fun time waster.

100_7386.JPG - me
Recent evidence suggests I cannot be beat at this game!

IMG_0159.JPG - matt
What's a camping adventure without too much food?

100_7405.JPG - me
100_7372.JPG - me
100_7403.JPG - me
100_7411.JPG - me
There were plenty of photo ops.

100_7401.JPG - me
Speaking of photo ops, I avoided this conversation because I thought it could only lead to a lightened wallet.

IMG_0221.JPG - matt
Of course the evening ended around the fire with marshmallows, duh.

There was a gorgeous moon after the cameras got put away, and we stayed up just past 0100. When we went to bed, there was no mention in the forecast about rain, but I awoke at 0500, and as I sat and listened to the owls, crickets, and frogs, I saw the kind of clouds through the moonroof of my car ... er ... camper, and I decided to head home. I was right, there were storms.

All my pictures are here, Matt's are here, Jenny put some up on Facebook, here, and we're all waiting on Sarah's still, but they will be on her Flickr, here (maybe).

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