25 August 2009

Sushi, Dancing, and Towers ... It's All In A Weekend's Work

Here it is, a variety weekend!

Friday was Kaleb's birthday, and he had a Japanese themed dinner / game night. We made sushi. I still have an aversion to raw fish, but it was still a good time, and it really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. There were games and food and people I hadn't met before, there was also a frisbee related highlight of the evening: it involved Kaleb getting a LED frisbee as a gift, and us throwing it around outside. It was all fun and games until I had to lift Rachel on to the roof to retrieve it after Kaleb threw it up there. Rachel probably found a way down by now.

Kaleb and Eric - Maeg
The birthday boy gave some personal instruction on rolling my, um, roll ... a little too close up? Nah.

100_7623.jpg - me
Here is my roll, a little too large, it required two bites to eat.

LED Frisbee - Maeg
Joe looks cool, or maybe it's Maeg's photo, or possibly it could be both.

I left and went to the next event, but came back later. I have more picture of the night here, where as Maeg has some here.

I ran downtown to Jitterbugs Night Out, okay really I drove. It was Ben P.'s birthday jam, and yeah, I wanted to dance a little.

14 of 25 Dance Jitterbugs Night Out Aug 21, '09  - Cliff
Bethany shows off her new red headlights, er, I mean highlights.

100_7636.jpg - me
The birthday boy had some tough choices.

I have more picture of the night here, Cliff has some pictures of the entire evening here, Matt has a few jam related pictures starting here.

Early Saturday Morning I got up and did I the ALS Walk with some coworkers. It was an opportunity to get to know some of them, and walk for a very good cause that is close to me, if you didn't read it, the story is here.

After the walk and lunch I went home and napped. I knew that my Saturday afternoon and evening were completely unplanned ... the first time in months, so I just figured to sleep as long as I wanted, so I did. (I guess this is the dull part of the story). When I woke up I decided I wanted to go to Platte River State Park and walk around. It turned in to quite the adventure.

100_7646.jpg - me
First stop was the Falls trail.

100_7656.jpg - me
Lots of flora.

100_7700.jpg - me
A scene that Erin is almost certain to enjoy.

100_7669.jpg - me
Oh yeah, the falls.

100_7711.jpg - me
Next stop was the lagoon, which was covered in algae, I've not seen that before.

100_7724.jpg - me
I headed over to the tower next.

100_7739.jpg - me
Of course I was brave enough not to have to have to hold on to something the whole time.

IMG_0379.jpg - me
Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down ... uh oh, I looked down.

100_7784.jpg - me
I left the park, and after a short stop at Schramm State Park, I walked across the Platte River pedestrian bridge.

100_7785.jpg - me
100_7781.jpg - me
100_7781.jpg - me
It was kind of a panoramafest.

After all that walking, I spent Saturday night at home resting. I posted 90 pictures from the day here.

I got up Sunday and went to church. After church the Lindy in the Park World Tour resumed at the downtown Papillion Park.

100_7817.jpg - me
We had a really nice spot.

100_7821.jpg - me
Perfect weather for dancing, or whatever it is going on here.

100_7700.jpg - me
I got quite the workout.

I have a few more shots of the day here, Matt has a few pictures starting here.

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