17 November 2009

2nd week in November

The start of my work week was the Mondayest Monday I have experienced in a long time. So busy at work, it was nothing specific, like a server down, so I'm still not sure what the issue was, more likely it was a statistical aberration.

After work I went out to dinner with Kevin. I do realize he was not always the best roommate, but I certainly miss talking to him. He's a good talk. We had a long rambling conversation that covered several interesting topics, including the upcoming chili contest.

As many of you know and are bored with, I am in two fantasy football leagues. One is friends and the other is at work. My work league has not been doing so well, but I am winning in the other league. I garnered more hate and derision on Monday night by winning my matchup in my non-work league by .06 points, 85.09 to 85.03. Just as perspective, each yard in my league is worth .08 points. So I won by less than one yard.

Tuesday was the very long overdue birthday dinner for Frank. Dinner was at Saigon, I tried, quite unsuccessfully to use Google Maps to find the restaurant. It turned out to be easier than I thought. I continued with my usual luck of ordering something really good on the menu. I ordered the pork clay pot, and the only thing that wasn't good about it is that was not big enough. After dinner we went to Mic's for karaoke.

100_0367.JPG - Me
Corinn thinks the cucumber in the ice water is really cool ... more like cold.

100_0388.JPG - Me
The birthday boy and friends are looking up their favorite 80s songs.

100_0401.JPG - Me
I followed a really bad duet. I sang Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea. Then Takashi followed me with Bob Seger's Old Time Rock and Roll. He's good!

You can see all of my event photos here, and some from Maeg here.

Wednesday night VK and I got together after work for the express reason of finishing up the tree project we had started when all the trees were colorful. However, we decided to go out to dinner at Village Inn and enjoy Free Pie Wednesday! I had cherry and VK had triple berry.

The tree project started when VK was looking for something to hang on her bedroom walls, I saw something she liked in a Gordman's and I said "I can do that with photoshop (GIMP actually)". So we started taking pictures of colorful trees, doing some postprocessing, and here are a couple of the results.

number 3.jpg - Me number 5.jpg - Me

Thursday afternoon I got a headache. It was the kind of headache, and it came on in a way that I knew Troy would get one too. I hate migraines. You know what else I hate? The Bears. CJ had us over because he gets the NFL network on his cable. Goodness, that was a frustrating game to watch. I just want my football team to be a reflection of the city, tough, smart, and hardworking. Two of three are there, one is not, I think we play stupid ... from the top down. You know what I didn't hate? The BBQ that CJ got. It was excellent. Between the BBQ and the wings I ate well. Now for a victory next week.

For some reason, the work week ended just as it began, Friday was crazy. Somehow I got through it, mostly alive ... I've rarely been as TGIF as I was. Work was so stressful last week that I arrived at Friday evening ready to drink or dance ... I chose dance.

100_0458.jpg - Me
The birthday girl gets photobombed.

100_0417.jpg - Me
Ben and Bethany have black belts in Lindy-Fu.

100_0446.jpg - Me
I think I must be a big fan of pictures like this.

You can see all of my dancing photos here
Saturday in the morning I had my camera in hand, and Sierra felt like being photogenic.

100_0469.jpg - Me
Unfortunately, she immediately tried to eat the plant after the picture was taken.

During the afternoon, I had a unique experience. I was invited to be the token male at a football party. VK's roommate Lisa was having a football party and she was inviting a guy she had met, but she didn't want him to be the only boy at this event, so voila, I was invited to fill in and be the second man ... the second man, but the first token. The Huskers won and the food was good, plus I got to see VK, so it all worked out.

Immediately following the game, VK had a furniture moving project for myself and Ben (who had shown up during the football game). VK the bargain hunter had found some bedroom furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and was being charged for delivery. Ben had a huge truck for another project, and helped VK out by picking up her furniture for her. The pieces were heavy, but not too awkward to work with. The result was good.

100_0477.jpg - Me
Dresser and drawers.

After all the moving, I went over to game night at Kaleb's. VK is a trooper, and joined us there despite being really tired. She wasn't the only one who was exhausted. So we played, um, something, that one game with the river ... oh yeah, it was called Niagra which I won, memorable as it was. We also played a game of Bang!. I didn't do as well, the sheriff killed me, darn those sheriffs.

Oddly enough, it must have been international photogenic cat day, because Kaleb's cat TB decided that Sierra wasn't the only cute cat.

100_0473.jpg - Me
This is TB, not Lucy.

Maeg took a bunch of pictures at game night, mostly of TB and Q-Bert, you can see them here.

Sunday dawned at some point, but I sure don't know when it happened, I slept right through it. However, I had plans. Church was in the plans, but that didn't happen, and that needs to stop. I need to go, it's a sanity issue.

However, there were other plans too, hanging with VK. We watched a little football, okay, more like I watched a little football until other people showed up. We then played The Office trivia/board game. It turned out to have some pretty good game play. Even though I don't watch TV, so I didn't know any answers, I still liked it.

100_0478.jpg - Me
That's what she said.

Then we played a slightly different game, Need For Speed on PS2. We had two tournaments, Chris won one, Lisa dominated the other.

100_0479b.jpg - Me
I won once one race. Sheesh.

That was pretty much it. After VK and I were eliminated from the second tournament we went for a long walk, probably about five miles. The walk was satisfying and much needed, and thus ended my week.


Kate said...

I love me a furniture moving party. Yes. I. Do.

Get A Life! said...

Great pictures. Love the furniture, when I get some like that I'll call you.