10 November 2009

First Week in November 2009

Welcome to November and an extra hour of sleep! I decided to split the difference, and get up a half an hour earlier. So far, it has had no effect on me getting to work earlier. Sigh. With the start of November, I upped my exercise program to 40 push ups / dips / scrunches and 100, yes 100 sit ups, five times a week, I don't quite make the five, but I average three and a half. I still hate the sit ups. I like the tummy getting flatter though. I consoled my hate of sit ups by hanging out with VK on Monday night.

Tuesday I took the morning off of work and went to the see the doctor and the dentist. I got some good news at the doctor, my weight was down, my blood pressure was way down, and I'm in good health. The dentist was the usual bad story however. I need two fillings and two crowns. I dislike my teeth. I was a little perturbed at the hygienist, after beating up on my teeth and gums for 20 minutes with a metal device that vibrates at 24k hertz, she had the nerve to chastise me about my gums being swollen and bleeding.

Wednesday was a game night at Kaleb's. Before game night began though, I made some assumptions that turned out to be false. As I came up to Kaleb's house, the blinds were down and there was a UPS guy walking up to the door who then walked away with no one answering. I looked at the invitation e-mail, and it said 1900 instead of the usual 1830. So I ASSUMED that Kaleb wasn't home. About five minutes later, Tom showed up and we sat and chitchatted in the street about things, CJ pulled in the drive and sat in his car, then Ben who came and talked to Tom and I. Finally Maeg, who cleverly asked "Did anyone try the door?" ... um, no. Of course, Kaleb was home, and I looked to be quite the fool.

First we played Battlestar Galactica. I've played this game now four times, and all four times I've been a Cylon. I haven't complained though, because I've been on the winning team every time ... until this time. I hate to blame the loss of a game on luck, but the humans had it. I just couldn't do anything to confound them. Darn it. We also played a game of The Adventurers. It was fast paced, easy to learn, and fun ... Kaleb and I tied.

Thursday was kind of rough, found a friend was fairly gravely ill and went into surgery in the morning, fortunately they made it out okay, although there is still a long road to hoe. That's really all I can say about it.

Friday was payday, which was well timed. It was also kind of fun night. After work I met Sarah, Greg, VK, and Jenny over at Granite City Brewing Company in Omaha. Keith showed up shortly after that and we had ourselves a triple date. My food was excellent, better than I expected out of a chain restaurant. After a short tour of Jenny's redecoration of The Redneck Truck, we headed off to Jitterbugs Night Out and went dancing.

100_0229.jpg - Me
This is the second time Sarah has come to JNO, now I have to go country dancing twice.

100_0239.jpg - Me
VK is a dreamy dance partner.

100_0244.jpg - Me
Frank danced in Omaha before heading off to a warm weather Lindy Blizzard in Des Moines.

You can see all of my dancing photos here.

Saturday turned out to be an odd one. I had a lazy morning, but managed to get up by the crack of noon. I then grabbed some lunch and met VK out at Walnut Creek. Then we got crazy and went shoe shopping. Both my pairs of my dress shoes (brown & black) have holes in the bottom. So it was time. I had bought my last two pairs of shoes at Target, they lasted about two years each. Prior to that I used the Bass Outlet at Nebraska Crossing and my shoes purchased there had lasted minimum five years, and the pair that didn't were replaced for free after two years. Time to spend the money, go back to Bass Outlet, and get good shoes.

Look out for the stampeding women, there's a shoe sale! It was 50% off on everything, and then take even more off of some. I ended up spending on two pairs what I thought it would cost me for one. I was quite happy, the new shoes are unbelievably comfortable out of the box. VK and I headed back to Omaha and had dinner, unfortunately I started to get migrainey, and had no medicine. So I headed home, but with a stop on the way.

Brianne was having a birthday celebration at Dave and Buster's, so I stopped by for just a moment on the way home. Evidently, token appearances are not appreciated, because I had a knife pulled on me, sheesh.

25 of 33 in Birthday Weekend by Brianne
I don't think I deserved this kind of treatment. Thanks for coming to my defense Ben. Photo credit: Brianne.

I finally made it home, took my medicine, felt better fairly quickly, but couldn't sleep. So I called Troy and went over to his house to watch him play video games (Dragon Age). Naturally, as soon as I put my head down on his couch, I was right out. I finally went home around 0200 after sleeping most of the time there.

Sunday I was just worn out all day, I couldn't get motivated. I managed to upload some pictures, get to church, and paid attention to about a quarter of my Bears getting their butts kicked ... all without really waking up. I eventually went around back to Troy's. While we were there, Sarah, Merinda, and Frank got back from Iowa. Joe soon showed up and we ordered pizza and provided Troy with a lot of advice on how to manage his video game, it was all very fun.


Kate said...

Isn't it lovely, falling asleep on a good friend's couch? I would have spent the night.

Jenny Jitterbug said...

You went to Walnut Creek on Saturday? So did I!! :) And I love Bass Outlet too, used to work at the one in NE City, though a lot of my paycheck went straight back to the store!

Kaleb said...

It was funny that you were all having a party in my front yard. :-) Yeah, first loss for me as a Cylon, too. Still - nice to know it's possible! :-)

Get A Life! said...

See? Two pairs at a time won't kill you.