17 March 2010

Second Week in March 2010

Monday morning, and I'm still sick with the migraine that I said started last week. Grrr. I didn't really get up until 1400. In order to entertain myself, I watched the first season of Big O. I started season two, but I was too tired to stay awake. I obviously skipped my guitar lesson.

Tuesday I felt much better, but not over it completely. After work we did the dance practice thing again. This time we concentrated on swing outs, I guess I can triple step in practice, but it gets lost during social dancing. Sigh. Frank said I was a "solid" dancer except for that one thing. Double sigh.

Wednesday was food day at work, and I ate WAY too much. I have seven plates of food during the day. Unsurprisingly, I was not hungry when I got home. The odd, almost related, part of this story is that I felt that I have been gaining weight over the last two weeks, because I have been eating like mad, not feeling satisfied with my meals until I felt bloated, and not being active. I got on the scale at work and 174 ... huh? Right where I have been for two months.

It has now been a year since I made my last Lenten sacrifice; to give up fried foods. This combined with beginning to exercise in May last year has resulted in, literally, a body changed. Last year at this time I weighed 198 pounds. Forty days of giving up fried foods made me lose my cravings for it, and now, if I can order something other than fries, I do. I'm not a nutrition expert, and I understand that bodies are all different, but eating healthier, eating less, and moderate exercise has made for actual results that are visible. I feel better and feel more confident. This all started by watching Jose eat anything he wants, as much as he wants, any time he wants. I became envious, and it spurred me to action, it's kind of the opposite of 'ends justify the means'.

After work I was determined to do nothing, and so I watched 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'. If you judged it against the first three movies, it probably isn't as good, however, it was quite entertaining. This was part of my plan to do nothing on Wednesday and Thursday. I quite succeeded. Thursday I was in bed by 2100, slept all night, and surprise! I didn't have my annoying several day migraine when I woke up.

Friday after work was the dance, you know, that one dance that happens every Friday that you should be at.
100_1731.JPG - Me
While I was not paying attention to my camera, several pictures appeared on it, I think I know who took them.

100_1746.JPG - Me
Debbie has spent all year complaining that I missed her last birthday jam, well I didn't miss it this year.

100_1754.JPG - Me
Jose is not afraid of jumping into any picture, now if only I can keep my eyes open.

I salvaged more than a couple pictures from the event. Matt put some up too, but you'd have to go searching for them somewhere on his page 4, or so.

Speaking of Matt (that's called a segue), after the dance he and Vivian graciously hosted an after hours pancake party. Thank you. Viv was the chef, and other people brought stuff too. I had a nice visit with Jessica when we went to the store together to search out juice for the party.

P1020179.JPG - Matt
Vivian couldn't make 'em fast enough. Photo credit: Matt

100_1764.JPG - Me
Look at how delicious these look ... oh, and don't worry, there was no mischief with the whipped cream

P1020204.JPG - Matt
Hi, my name is Cameron ... "Hi Cameron." Photo credit: Matt

Here are my pictures from the Pancake fest. Matt took some too. This particular panorama shot I took came out pretty cool.

Saturday was right back to not feeling well. Grrr! I slept most of the day, but managed to get out when Rachel invited me to Suppers 8 at Shannon's.

100_1784.JPG - Me
Here is what we got fed...

100_1787.JPG - Me
...and here we are enjoying it! Mmmmm!

I had originally planned to go to an event afterwards, but the headache came back again and I went home and went to bed early on a Saturday night.

Sunday more sickness. Ugh, will this ever go away? I didn't really want to get up, but I ended up going out to lunch with Troy to Q'doba. After lunch a curious thing happened, we went to several different stores to find a memory card for an XBox 360 so I could play and be able to move my information around consoles. All three places we went were sold out, so we came home. Troy did some additional research and couldn't find any online, with the exception of the MicroSoft website. What I figure is that they aren't being made any longer, probably because MicroSoft is going to change the configuration of the XBox to not be able to use them any longer. That'll show Datel for suing them.

By 1730 I felt better, so instead of resting, I went to the Prairie Cats / The Grand Marquis show at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs. I wonder if I should feel bad, I took Ben out for his first night of drinking, and now I went with him for the first time he gambled ... well at least I didn't get him down the road of coffee drinking.

100_1803.JPG - Me
Jose is back in front of the camera!

100_1822.JPG - Me
Kevin and Jessica do the Paso Doble.

As you might be able to guess, there are more pictures of this event. Wait, don't tell you, Matt took some too. Don't forget, Brianne put some up on Facebook, including a priceless one.

Next week: redemption and finally going to the doctor.

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