30 March 2010

Fourth Week in March 2010

Monday I really got back on the exercise wagon. I was sore pretty much the rest of the week, but it felt good to start to be active again.

Tuesday we had dance practice after work and started to work on the different way that they are teaching Lindy Hop now as opposed to the way I learned it. I think my personal light bulb went on after trying out the new way with Brianne. The whole thing really points out how much I suck as a (real) dancer (not as a social dancer), counting is hard and making your feet do what you want them to do is even harder. I like the style of Lindy Hop I learned, but I certainly think the new way it is being taught can look more interesting from afar.

Merinda believes follows should follow regardless of the style. I'm of two minds to that, but I certainly understand what she is saying. Yes, follows should follow, but Lindy-Hop is hard enough to begin with. Although we're speaking the same language, but the dialects are different enough to allow potential for misunderstanding. A great dance is full of give and take, and quite frankly, I don't dance with a lot of follows who know how or when to hijack the dance appropriately. Merinda will, particularly if she thinks I'm not paying attention. Maeg does too, although in a different way. Follows ... let's dance, not together, but as one.

Wednesday was really busy for on call. Mostly because one of my coworkers kept butt dialing the on call phone. Thursday was even busier, but it didn't have anything to do with butt dialing. I think it is amazing I have coworkers in Mexico City, Shanghai, and Brisbane and I just talk to them like it's no big deal. The delay from light speed in speaking to people in Australia should be right around the threshold for people to be able to detect, somewhere between 1/5th and 1/7th of a second (roundtrip with electronic delays). I can never pick it up, it seems like a normal conversation to me.

Friday I didn't dance. I stayed home and did nothing. I went to Hy-Vee at lunch, does that count for interesting?

Saturday was all over the place.

Troy and Merinda had to put down Cleo. Cleo mostly hated me, at least until Troy and Merinda went on vacation and I was the one feeding her ... then I was the best person ever. She developed a tumor, and it finally got bad enough that she wasn't able to eat. Merinda thought for about a week that something was wrong, and she took her into the vet on Saturday and she never came back home. I will miss her.

Cleo - Maeg
Katie, Laramie, meet Cleo. Show her the way around kitty heaven, let her eat whatever she wants. We'll all see you soon enough. Photo credit: Maeg

I got out and walked, over a mile later in the day, at kind of a breakneck pace ... I guess I'm making up for lost time. Insert token complaint about this past winter.

Later in the evening, Merinda asked that people come over for games and socialization. CJ, Maeg, Ben, and I played Arkham Horror and then more than a few games of Zombie Fluxx. It was kind of a late evening. Merinda held herself together much better than I would have. I appreciate the wisdom she has surrounding herself with friends when something bad happens.

Sunday morning I managed to get out and get to church for Palm Sunday Mass. I love the Passion Play. I like that the congregation plays the part of the crowd, "Crucify Him, crucify Him" we shout, there can be little denial that we would somehow have acted differently. I feel for Peter when the rooster crows and he is left with nothing but his own bitterness. Jesus, fully human, understanding completely the pain he is about to be put through, but still, He follows the will of His Father, and brings us with Him to heaven.

After church I went over to The Game Shoppe (trip #1), as I walked around, I noticed about 25 to 30 men in the store playing games (along with two women). All of these men were ignoring the beautiful woman who was working the counter. I wonder if she ever gets a complex? Now we all know what's up with game geeks, we can be pretty focused on what we are doing, after all, someone has to save the universe in an epic way.

Later in the afternoon, basically the same group from Saturday night went out to eat at China Buffet, and stop me if you've heard this one before, I ate too much. The group kind of split after that, Maeg, Ben, and I came back to the house, Troy, Merinda, Frank, and Joe went to see Hot Tub Time Machine. The three of us went to The Game Shoppe (trip #2) for the said reason of getting Maeg some dice. Ben got the dice, and Maeg bought Martian Fluxx. Which we played for a couple hours until Maeg and I got our camera geekery on.

100_1846.JPG - Me
Nothing to worry about neighbors, if you look closely, you'll see the camera is pointing up the sky ... and Ben is pointing towards the ground.

100_1859.JPG - Me
Anyone who has listened to me whine about my camera's inability to take THIS photo will be happy to know it's figured out now. Maeg gave me the clues.

Zeke - Maeg
Zeke showing catdoms usual disdain for human endeavors. Photo credit: Maeg

Yeah, well I took more pictures, mostly of sky, the red dot is Mars, not a really accurate picture, but it kind of came out cool. Maeg took a bunch of pictures too, but only one of the moon made it into the set, what's up with that?

In other news. I am alive in the tourney pool. My highly scientific bracket selection process that involves historical seed data, the Sagarin Index, and percentile dice gave me a final four of Duke, Kansas, Kansas State, and Kentucky. Well my brackets worked out about as well as everyone elses did. That's the bad news, the good news is I am still alive in the pool! If Duke wins out, I am the winner. If Duke has just one more win, CJ wins.

Thanks to my brother David for pointing this out: My brother Carl is the winner of the 2010 Walt Whitman Award, for really really good poetry. Congratulations!

Next week: Holy Week, Batman!

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Thank Lifehacker for linking to places with recommended settings. I programmed those into my camera and forgot them. ^__^;