10 September 2010

August / September Bridge Week 2010

Monday dawned, and also slowly dawned on me that I was not just 'normally' sore from the festivities on Saturday, I had something else going on. It was a lot of muscle soreness to the point I felt like I couldn't walk. Tuesday morning I had a pretty good fever going so I stayed home. I ended up going over to Stacy's birthday party for just a little while, but no pictures, I probably looked like heck.

Wednesday was my interview for a new position at my current employer. It was a pretty intensive interview. It's not one of those overnight things, it might take a while to find out about.

I am in three Fantasy Football leagues this year, and my first draft was on Thursday night. This one was a 'bragging rights' league with coworkers. I had technical problems when I did the draft, but mostly got who I wanted.

Friday I went to the Jitterbugs dance.

Saturday I had nothing planned, but there was a general idea of the Zoo with Shannon and the kids. Well one sick kid later, the plan morphed into a visit to the wildlife safari with the three girls.

100_5806.JPG - me
I know it's bad quality, out of focus, and overexposed, but I love this picture.

100_5816.JPG 100_5862.JPG
100_5881.JPG 100B5932.JPG
There was the usual collection of lions and tigers and bears ... oh my, that's not it at all.


Kamber and I took a bunch of pictures, go figure, you can see them all here. Once we got back to Shannon's I messed around with the camera.

You can pretty much guess as to whether or not Kamber likes it.

Sunday was an early in the morning Mass Chaos in Springfield. Afterwards we had breakfast at Wheatfield's in Papillion. In the afternoon was the second of my fantasy football drafts, there were technical glitches. In the evening several us met at Kaleb's to play Arkham Horror using the Kingsport Horror and Lurker at the Door expansions. We played twice and won both times.

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