02 September 2010

Fourth Week in August 2010

Monday I worked late trying to catch up, and Tuesday was the same. Work has all of a sudden become 40% busier, and I'm working a little late many nights. No real rhyme or reason to the increase. It's good to be busy at work.

Wednesday Troy and I went to see the Rush concert. In trying to remember the last big concert I was at, it was probably Rascal Flatts at Westfair, probably in 2002 or 2003, so it's been a while, but concerts haven't changed much. As much as I loved Rush in my teens and early 20's, I never saw them. The show was pretty long, although it included a break in the middle. Geddy can't quite hit the high notes like he used to, but the band could definitely play. I took some very typical concert pictures with my iPhone, if you are interested, you can see my pictures here.

Thursday after work I went down to meet the Shannon and the kids at the park. Unfortunately, there was only about :30 minutes worth of light once I got there. We still had a good time.

Friday I got my plates renewed during lunch. No matter what people might complain about this in the Omaha area, :15 minutes and $100 beats the heck out of what it was like in Chicago. Friday evening I went to Jitterbugs Night Out. Matt had his birthday jam.

Saturday was a very busy day. Matt was celebrating his birthday with several events. I could only bookend the events because I had Mass Chaos in the middle. The beginning event was at FunPlex and messing around in the water all afternoon. Matt has a waterproof camera, so he did all the picture taking.

P1090354.JPG - matt
Here I am pointing at Vivian. Why, I don't know. Photo credit: Matt

P1090460.JPG - matt
No, this isn't an action shot, it's more of an inaction shot. A bunch of people had trouble in that spot. Photo credit: Matt

P1090439.JPG - matt P1090440.JPG - matt
I don't know why people think I'm a troublemaker, I was peacefully walking down the lazy river when Vivian overturned on her tube and knocked me over! Photo credit: Matt

P1090477.JPG - matt
Matt, me, and John did handstands underwater. Photo credit: Matt

P1090478.JPG - matt
Suddenly a three headed monster appeared and confused Jon. Photo credit: Matt

P1090519.JPG - matt
We all got pretty worn out after three hours of playing, or at least I was. Photo credit: Matt

Immediately after swimming I went off to Mass Chaos at Saint Leo's and their Young Adult group kick off event. We played kickball and ate a lot of food. I then went over to Kimee's birthday party, we danced!

Finally I went back to Matt and Viv's house, arriving before the party broke up, in fact, we goofed off for several more hours. This involved the first extended conversation I've had with VK in a half a year, that felt good. The evening ended with Me, Matt, Vivian, Mark, Lisa, and Jenny sitting around with a can of whipped cream and goofy conversation. I love my friends. If you'd like to see all of Matt's pictures from his birthday, you can see them here.

Sunday began with another episode of Mass Chaos, followed by lunch at Don and Millie's. Sunday afternoon was lazy and sore. Sunday evening we had a birthday dinner for Troy and Ben at P.F. Chang's and then drinks at Fox and Hound.

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