10 June 2011

May / June Bridge Week 2011

Memorial day was the last day of vacation, so I was determined to enjoy the whole day ... sslloowwllyy. After enjoying the complimentary breakfast, I packed up and hit the road. First stop, driving through the Amana Colonies. I stopped in Homestead at a cider place, but silly me, apples are out of season. I then drove up to Amana ... guess what, they have flooding there too. They all so have...

...dear quaint little touristy shop, you had me at wine,
but thanks for going to cheese and jelly.

This was on the ground outside of my car, I think a unicorn threw up.

I had lunch at the same outlet mall I hit on the way to Chicago, and then drove the rest of the way home pretty much in one stretch. I used to think my dad was kind of crazy for taking two days when he drove from Chicago to Omaha, but it was 55mph then, and took 10 hours. After trying a two day drive home, I kind of liked it. 400 miles / 6:30 driving is really not that bad, but that last 75 miles is not very enjoyable. This trip home I took my time, and I thought it was very pleasant and unhurried.

Tuesday was the day to relax ... I mean head back to work. Amazingly I was calm all day long. When I got home I unpacked and enjoyed a nice night sleep in my own bed. Wednesday I did lawn work and laundry and picture processing and blogging ... and somehow I ended up feeling like I didn't accomplish a thing.

Thursday I dinner with VK at Whole Foods. I think I could eat every meal there, and probably be healthier ... if I could avoid the desserts. I left there and went down to the end of Rome and Coke. We headed down there to Old Chicago, where I ran into Marcus, fresh back in Omaha from seminary. He'll be at Saint John's at Creighton over the summer, and it sounds like we'll have a good opportunity to visit during that time.

Friday evening I went to the dance, and while it was fun to visit with people, I really wasn't into the dancing. I left a little earlier than I normally would have, planned on playing video games, but came home and almost at once was asleep.

Saturday began badly, or at least unsatisfyingly. I woke up and drove down to the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs to help pack sandbags. I got there about 0845, and there was a line, a long line, like 400 people waiting, and from the looks of it, about 75 people were working. After about 15 minutes of waiting, the people in front of me said that they would be packing sandbags in Bellevue at Haworth Park at 1000. I decided to leave where I was and go down there. There was nothing going on in Bellevue. I got on my phone and looked, and there wasn't anything in Bellevue until Monday. I was a little frustrated, and not really thinking that the thought actually counted at all. My camera was in the car, so I took a few pictures.

102_1778 102_1782
This is at the mouth of the Papio Creek.
Yes, those people in the bottom right should not be there .

I ran some errands on the way home, and looky what happened on the way...

The original plan was to sell it immediately, now I'm holding on for a long time.

After my errands I came home and took a nap and got ready for seeing The Sound of Music at The Rose. I didn't know much about the performance until I got to the show and found out that Maria was being played by a good friend of Merinda, Jodi Vaccaro. It made the show more fun, and she was terrific, and so was the show, but I did think it was a little long for a kids show, it ran 2:45. After the show we went eat at M's pub and walking around downtown.

Sunday was the first Mass of Kevin Vogel, and Joe and I took a road trip to Howells, Nebraska to attend. We actually went the wrong way, but made the most of it by visiting Saint Charles in North Bend. We then made a stop in Snyder to see Saint Leos there, but it was locked. Finally we arrived in Howells, actually it wasn't really a 'finally' situation, we were still 30 minutes early. Kevin's first Mass was a good experience, and I got to see Saints Peter and Paul while we were there. After Mass we attended the reception at the Ballroom in Howells. Of course, the person who sat next to us was 'the talkative lady'. So we got an earful while we ate mystery meat BBQ sandwiches.

On the way back home we agreed about a lot of things, got lost on Military Highway, and stopped by VK's house to eat more food. Talk about your bloated feeling. We finally left before we fell asleep from food comas.

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