28 June 2011

Third Week in June 2011

Monday I went to work, but about halfway through the day I gave up fighting my migraine and went home and went to bed. After a two hour nap, I felt much better and drove up to DQ and then down to look at flooding. I met up with VK, and we had dinner at Q'Doba. As we were leaving the tornado sirens went off in Papillion. They made a change to the tornado warning system where they sound them for straight line winds too ... um, this is kind of dumb.

Monday Storm

Regardless, we went directly to my house and watched the first half of Swordfish, then when the weather cleared, VK went home and I went to bed early. However, early in the morning I had a nightmare that woke me up, the whole thing wasn't a nightmare, but the last 15 seconds really sucked. It was easier to get back to sleep, in retrospect, than I think it should have been.

On the way into work I had a strange experience. I pulled up to Highway 370 from 36th Street, and there was a lady stopped in the westbound lanes just past the stoplights, traffic was stopped westbound, northbound, and southbound. I thought that there had just been an accident, because she was out of her car looking around. Then I saw a tiny kitten under her car. So I got out to help, so did another guy. So I'm laying on the ground in the middle of 370 trying to coax a tiny little kitten out from under a car. The kitten made things worse by crawling up the wheel well. After about five minutes of trying, and soaked jeans, I had to get off to work. She was still working on it the last I saw in my rear view mirror.

After determining the grass was too wet to cut, Tuesday night I cooked and blogged, Wednesday I couldn't even come up with the blogging to make me sound unlazy, I just cooked.

Thursday was a little more exciting. After work I went to Brazenhead for the latest edition of Rome and Coke. The subject for the night was humor, and unironically, the discussion was lively and funny. After it ended, we went and had dinner at Old Chicago. It's starting to seem very traditional for Thursday, although I've only done it three times.

Friday I forgot my phone on the way to work, so at lunch I went to get it. After work I actually went to McDonald's for dinner, yeah, that was enough of that for a while. I then met Marilou and Sarah in the parking lot of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton parish and we drove out to a Saint John the Baptist bonfire at the Pro Sanctity retreat center north of Elkhorn. I was concerned when I went that it would be a little dull, but silly me, it was not. I got to know some new people and see the retreat center. There was music and frisbee and night prayer. Although it officially ended at 2215, I don't think we left until after 2330.

Saturday was a hodgepodge of activities. I did household chores all day and broke out the game I am designing again. I tried to simplify it, we'll see how it plays. I didn't really want to go to Shakespeare on the Green on Saturday night, but I got talked into it. On occasion you should just do what your friends tell you to do, they are pretty smart. The weather was lovely, the play was Midsummer Nights Dream, and there was a ton of food.

Yes, this looks normal for Shakespeare on the Green. Photo credit: Matt

This is what I looked like before I came out and had fun. Photo credit: Matt

Me thinks I've made an ass of myself. I want to have Puck's haircut. Photo credit: Matt

We stayed around and chatted for about 45 minutes after the play, then went back to the car where I saw how Jenny parked ... nice.

I managed to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday until after 0900. I went and picked up Teri and we went to church. Frank, Julia, Patrick, Jen, and Beth met us there, and then we went out to eat at Gandalfo's after church.

After this VK and I had planned a walk in the afternoon, but would the weather cooperate? The answer is no, the weather did not cooperate, however we went for our walk anyway. It turned into a magical day. First stop was Schramm State Park Recreational Area in a misting rain.

We visited with nine of the cutest little ones ever.
They were very friendly, they walked right up to us.

We then headed over to the Platte River Pedestrian Bridge. The rain got a little heavier, and we could hear thunder, but no lightening. So we stuck with the plan and walked down to the river, umbrellas in hand.


We made our way across the bridge and were greeted by not the cutest birds ever. We continued on, the rain got a little heavier. Eventually we reached the other end of the walk way, and there we spied berries.

102_2228 102_2230 102_2236
We probably picked four pounds of mulberries,
and then carried them in an upside down blue umbrella.

The rain let up, and we walked back to the car, and then drove back to VK's house. After we dried out, we decided to go over to the festival at her church. We got near and there was a cop who was blocking entry, so we went around ... and the heavens opened up with rain. Plan B, we headed over to Red Mango, but got slight detour across the parking lot to Trader Joe's (my first visit). We met Bente and her friend Tara and shopped for 30 minutes or so until we were just ready to go ... when the rain really started pouring, I mean harder than in my shower. I got the car, and VK and I drove across the parking lot to Red Mango for some noms. We sat outside of the store, ice cream in hand, and watched the rain pour down. We ran to the car (25 feet) and started to drive back to her house through inch and a half deep water on the streets at 20mph. A very strange thing happened on the way home however, the rain stopped, and the sun came out as it set, and we had some amazing views of clouds and the back side of the storm.


Yes there are pictures for the whole day, you can find them here. Have a great week!

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