26 July 2011

Third Week in July 2011

Monday was back to work, and doing so a little worn out from Sunflower Swing dance weekend in Wichita, but I lived. I napped in my car at lunch despite the 110°F heat index. It only got worse later in the day, both the tiredness and the temperature. When I got home from work, I scurried into the house and enjoyed the cool darkness of my room and a short nap ... only for a little while, on call is this week. I did some laundry and put up pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday after work I found $4 in my clean laundry ... so I went and got some ice cream at DQ. I went for a late night walk around the neighborhood, it wasn't such a good idea. I walked in my sandals, which do not have enough foot support, and I ended up with a rather achey back. Wednesday was basically the same, except instead of ice cream, I got Chipotle. Both Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly lazy. I felt like that because I knew I would be home the next day, I had no priority on doing anything right now.

Thursday we got a bit of bad news, actually it wasn't so much got it, as we discovered it. The air conditioning wasn't working at the house. It stayed pretty cool, but by the morning it was a little on the warm side and I was thankful for the box fan, especially since I received on call calls all night. Friday was work and stay at home, no dance for me. On call went well.

Saturday morning there was a little bit of work in the morning, but it was mostly quiet. I had a birthday lunch with Matt, Vivian, and VK at Blue Planet Grill.

Eric's birthday lunch at Blue Planet
I had chicken BBQ Pizza and a good time. Photo credit: Matt

After lunch we walked over to Jones Brothers cupcakes, had some treats, and sat and talked for a while. I came home and took at a nap. Around 1800 Maggie came over and we walked down to the river and then had some BBQ at Swine Dining in Old Towne Bellevue. It's my new favorite BBQ spot, the baked beans were amazing, they had cinnamon apples baked right in.

T-shirt at the BBQ shop ... when is Kevin's birthday?

I've been under that shelter several times, now I'd need a snorkel.

Old Towne Bellevue has some pretty spots with flowers as big as Maggie's head.

That was all the excitement from my birthday, other than answering (nearly) every post left on my wall. Saturday all night was phone call, ninety minutes of sleep, repeat. I ended up not getting up until 1100, although there wasn't a whole lot of steady sleep in there. Jenny had a last minute thing to go swimming at Fremont Lakes at 1430, I thought it was a little weird to be so far away, but I drove up to Fremont and when I couldn't find them I discovered a little problem, it was Louisville Lakes. That's different, isn't it ... about 60 miles different. I did manage to get there by 1600, so it wasn't all bad. We swam for about 90 minutes and then got pizza at Gambino's in Louisville. The pizza was good, but not plentiful (may have been our fault), and the service was downright bleh. I drove home and that was it for my on call week ... all in all it was a good on call week, and I got my birthday celebrated.

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