10 August 2011

First Week in August 2011

Monday I woke up and was tired, headachey and dizzy, so I went back to sleep. I made it in for a half day, but came home and didn't do anything but walk and then sleep.

Tuesday I looked back at my exercise in July, and I discovered that I went the entire month doing something active every day, in fact the last day that I didn't do anything was June 25th, that was the day I had the 103.9°F fever. The least amount of activity has been 3/4 of a mile walking, but it's been something every day. I decided I was going to try to not exercise to celebrate, it didn't work. I still walked.

Wednesday evening was slow, but I developed a taste for ice cream late and went to DQ. Fortunately I managed to get rid of it right away because, Thursday was day 6 of running: I ran 2400m (1.5mi) in 15:39.6 (a 10:30/mi pace) I ran 50% further than my goal!!! I know for a FACT that I was not able to run 1.5mi five years ago. Yay hard work, perseverance, and faith. I was a little bored in the evening, so I ended up working on three 'Photoshop' projects with mixed results.

Friday after work I went to the dance. I was full of energy and having a good time and then my energy just disappeared around 2300. It was very much a kind of an energy 'poof', there, then gone.

Saturday during the morning I ran errands, which always seems to involve Q-Doba, I don't quite know how that always happens. I tried to nap after my errands so I would be awake for the wedding of Erin and Chris. I picked up Heidi and Jen (and 60 pounds of wedding gift) and headed over to the church. The ceremony was short, but we stuck around a long time to help clean up and organize ... and play with bubbles.

I'm not stupid.

Sometimes you just have to wait for good things to happen.

Did I mention we played with bubbles.

Jen had to leave quickly to be at the reception to set up music, so Heidi and I went to the reception the slow way, meaning through Dairy Queen. We got up to the reception, and sat ourselves down just in time for the bride and groom to arrive ... and sing a song.

"Summer lovin', happened so fast..."

100_3050 100_3073
100_3006 100_3034
So we danced, and talked, and ate, and sang...

100_2998 100_2999 100_3000 100_3001
...and boxed? Why am I going to get the beatdown at a wedding?

Erin waited a long time for this, I'm so happy that it went well. You can see all my pictures from the wedding here. What you won't see is pictures from two epic storms that blew over the area while the reception was going on. We left as the bride and groom left, drove back to Heidi's and myself, her, and Brad talked for a quite a while until I thought I was too tired to do anything but drive home. However, when I got home there was a third storm about 15 miles south of where I live that was full of lightening ... so who could sleep when they could be taking pictures instead?


Sunday I got up and went to church with Joe, Frank, and Teri. Then Teri and I had lunch at Village Inn. I came home, talked to Maggie on the phone, and then napped. In the evening Jess showed up with CJ. We ate dinner at Famous Dave's, and then it was time to say goodbye to Xander, the ten days with Xander went by so quickly, I hardly got to know him. It was a slow paced, good week.

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