21 March 2012

First Week in March 2012

Monday morning I was tired and sore from my dance weekend, but back to work. Unfortunately, I also picked up the oncall laptop and phone. I did enjoy a nap in the car at lunch, and a quiet night at home processing pictures. Tuesday was more of the same.

Wednesday morning as I was on my way to work, I started the process of uploading all of the pictures from Heartland Swing, and I guess I forgot that the upload stops when my computer goes to sleep. I am guessing that I've noted that somewhere on this blog before ... I'm wondering if I will do it again. Wednesday I went to RCIA, and then home. In keeping with the oncall theme, I stayed home, and Thursday I did nothing too.

Friday after work I went to the Saint John Vianney fish fry with a group of seven. The lines for that fish fry have gotten really long, and not well organized. I was lucky, and received no calls while there. I decided not to press my luck, and went home after the fish fry and not to the dance.

Saturday during the day I did work and waited around for calls. Saturday night I ventured out of the house, with the work laptop, to Kaleb's and his game night. The first game we played was Ra, which is a favorite of mine, but not one I succeed at usually. It was no exception here either. Next we played a different game, but I just can't remember what it was ... so since I don't remember it, I can't review it.

Then the entire group, 23 people, played a game of Ultimate Werewolf ... lately it has seemed like the villagers have enjoyed a big advantage, and they won both games. I did like the addition of the Cupid card (which I drew), I picked Kaleb and Angela (Susan) for the lovers, and it worked out fairly entertainingly, as they were on opposite teams ... and everyone believed me when I said I was Cupid so I actually survived until the end.

After Werewolf, we all went to the basement to play Rock Band (I didn't participate) and Around the World Ping Pong (heck yeah). Troy came up with an alternative rule to have the winners from that night start with a point for each previous victory. It gives more people an opportunity to win, like me. I ran up in between games and checked the oncall phone, fortunately, I received no calls or e-mails all night. There was also a very late night game of Tsuro which I won, but it was kind of a I'm not leaving yet moment rather than any strategic brilliance, I won. The night got late fast when the spring ahead time change occurred, and it went from 0159 to 0300.

Sunday morning(ish) I was up and at church at 1230 at Saint Mary's in Bellevue. By chance, Joe was there too, although I had planned on going by myself. After church I went by the grocery store, and then came home and hung out handling the occasional call or e-mail. On call was pretty quiet, until 2215 Sunday night, then it got a little busy for about an hour, it was all handled in the end though.

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