29 March 2012

Second Week in March 2012

Monday at 1800! The release from being oncall, hip hip hooray! I enjoyed a quiet night at home and sleeping early.

Tuesday I got back on the exercise bandwagon, walking 18 laps at lunch, and then after work we had dance practice at our house. We watched a video, and then tried to imitate the teachers (Kevin and Jo) were doing with various degrees of success. We tried to do a move where the follow jumps over the joined hands of the lead and follow, no one died (*success*), but Jessica landed on our wrists twice, so it was time to give that one up.

Wednesday after work I went to my RCIA class, then afterwards headed up to Village Inn on Dodge to get some pie for π day. I had cherry pie and enjoyed the conversation.

Thursday morning I found it nearly impossible to wake up ... however I did manage to get up and get in to work. After work I had dinner with Maggie at Whole Foods, then we went for a ride afterwards to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Oh yeah, Whole Foods has cheese. (a.k.a. the token picture)

Friday I had my incentive half day, and I decided to get my haircut at the place Brian Langbehn told me about, The Beard and Mane. It had been about 10 years since I have decided my own hairstyle, between the advice of various lady friends and female hair stylists saying "No, we're not doing that" it had been quite a while. I definitely got what I wanted, only better than I imagined.

Later in the afternoon I met Maggie and we went to the Mary Our Queen fish fry. There was no way it could be as epic as last year, right? Right! It was pretty subdued, but pleasant. Maggie and I had a long talk, then made it to the last 30 minutes of the dance, mostly becauseI was on cleanup duty. We went over to the Donut Stop afterwards.

I got up and going on Saturday and out running. I met my distance goal, but not my speed goal. Three laps around the block, 1.14mi (1.82k) in 12:12.5 at a snail pace of 10:44/mi, it really didn't feel very well either, so let's hope it picks up next run.

In the evening, I met Maggie, and we went to CJ's game night. It was Saint Patrick's day and there was a green food theme, I brought broccoli, green onions, green peppers, and cucumbers with dip ... it was not a big seller. On to the games, First up was a favorite of mine to lose, Arabian Nights. Maggie and I played together, and spent about 2/3 of the game in jail, but I still love it. We then played Werewolf. We had a little trouble with people backing out of the game before it started, and frankly, the game is somehow more fun in Kaleb's front room than anywhere else. The final game of the evening was Cargo Noir I really like that game, although we did have a dispute on one of the rules, and we could not find any clarifying errata on the internet. I think I won ... it was late ... hard to tell, someone will no doubt correct me if I don't know what I'm saying. Then we headed home.

Sunday morning I went to Mass at Mary Our Queen with Teri. We grabbed lunch at Schlotsky's, and then to the park to have our food blown all over creation enjoy the warm weather. After more or less enjoying our food, we went over to Kaleb's house afterwards to visit. We knew people would be there testing a new game, but they had already started before we got there. We sat down on the couch, and the next thing I knew I was being awoken by my own snoring.

After they had finished the test play, we played a game called The Resistance. It's somewhat like Werewolf, only not nearly as friendly. After the third intense game, some people were none too happy with me. I went down to the basement and played Rock Band with Melissa for about an hour. I set up both mics for singing, I played bass and she played guitar. Finally, more people came in to play ... and there was a six player game of round the world ping pong, I was in the finals almost every round, but only won twice. That was my week!

Next week: Alfredo!

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