12 October 2012

Labor Day Week 2012

Monday was Labor day, and Frank had a firepit party.

I really like this picture.

I have no idea how that frosting got there...

...or there, or there.

Acky, no, that was on your mommy's feet! Photo credit: Matt

Evidently, all of that smoke caused me to be sick on Tuesday, I stayed home all day and didn't do much.

Wednesday was my last Fantasy football draft, just a couple hours before the start of the season. I thought I did pretty well, I ended up with some really good receivers. After the draft I went for 2012 run #35, 2.88 mi in 32:21 11:13 min/mi.

Thursday I worked on the housing for Cowtown Jamborama, it was not quite as fun as you think it might be.

Friday evening after work I went to the usual dance, but left early to go and run in the Omaha Midnight Run.

I ran with Rachel, Kimee, and (her friend) Maggie. I started out running with Kimee and her friend Maggie for a half mile, but then I left them and almost finished the race in under 30 minutes, my time showed 30:08, and my official time was 30:02 (I think). Oh, so that is 2012 run #36, 5k in 30:02, that's about 9:30 per mile. I finished really strongly, and felt great. There were so many people there that I finished less than 10 seconds behind Robin's husband David, and never saw him.

Saturday morning I went to the Eagles to help clean up in front of Cowtown Jamborama. I did a couple hours of work, a lot of it on the end of a mop, but by the end of it I was able to feel good about touching the floor in the back room of the Eagle's Lodge.

When I got home I went for run #37 2.59 mi in 25:15, that's a fairly decent 9:45 min/mi pace ... yes, you heard me, two runs within 24 hours. Saturday ended kind of oddly, I was home, alone, by myself, I guess that's a lucky break. I played some video games.

Sunday I was up and off to Mass at Saint Mary's in Omaha, two weeks in a row at that parish.

In the afternoon, it was week #1 of the NFL, and I dutifully headed out to DJ's Dugout and cheered on my Bears to victory. It didn't start well with Cutler throwing a pick 6 at the beginning of the game, however, It was almost all good from there however, including the rib tips, very tasty.

The last bit of my week was the Jitterbugs volunteer appreciation party. We went over the final planning for Cowtown, and then ate some tasties and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Next week: Cowtown Jamborama X

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