01 January 2013

New Years Week 2012-13

Monday morning I went to work, and afterwards it was off to Mass with Frank at Saint Mary's in Bellevue. We headed over to Taco John's afterward and I ate food that has no business even being eaten, if I was short on any sodium for 2012, I got that taken care of ... 2013 and 2014 too probably.

We went home separately, and then about 2130 I picked him up and we went down to Culver's and got ice cream ... oh, what a surprise, Heather, Jenny, and Anne were there. So weird, what a coincidence. We closed the place down, saw Jenny's new car, I dropped him off, and then came home.

I restarted a long standing tradition of mine that on New Years Eve I was home and in bed, by myself, at 2245 and almost asleep by the time midnight came around. Happy new year!

The last picture of 2012.

The first picture of 2013.

Just like last Tuesday I slept in until almost noon. I got up, did some cleaning ... okay a lot of cleaning. In the evening I went and drove around and looked at lighting displays, although it seemed like a good number of people did not leave them up until after New Years Day.

Wednesday it was back to the New Year's grind. C'mon people its 2013, and we're still working ... and where are the flying cars? After work I got groceries, came home, and made egg tacos. Thursday was much like Wednesday, including a certain lack of flying cars.

Friday I went to the dance, I had a nice time with all my friends after a week, okay three days, of hard work. I stayed to the end, but went home afterwards ... no, there was not a Donut Stop beginning to the new year.

Saturday was bookended Heather. I went to lunch with her in the early afternoon. Then in the middle of the day I was over at Frank's house helping him with a basement building project. For the end of the day, Heather and I watched Casino Royale (the new one).

Sunday was the start of the reboot for Mass Chaos. We went to Saint Bridget, and then over to lunch at Lansky's on 50th. Ten people showed up and went to lunch. Marilou's middle child, Toni and I went down to the Ground Zero comics to have a look see.

Later in the afternoon I went grocery shopping and did a few chores. I did some heavy thinking in the afternoon, about life, dancing, and the way I am sometimes. I think that it's time to put 'fun, public' Eric away for a while, and really concentrate on 'private, caring' Eric. I also am going to refer to myself in the third person.

Next week: bad start, good finish.

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Janna said...

Just checking in to see how you're doing and how things are going.

It's been awhile. :)