31 December 2012

Christmas Week 2012

Monday, although it was Christmas Eve, was not just a regular work day, but a busy one because I had to do all of my usual Monday and Tuesday work on just Monday, and as quickly as possible, since I could not leave until it was done. No problem, I got my work done, shortly thereafter I took my 'don't come back' lunch. I went shopping and errand running after work, and then took a nap because I knew I would be up late with midnight Mass.

After my nap I baked some oatmeal cookies that came out pretty well, then Frank and I headed over to Saint Cecilia's Cathedral for midnight mass. We were met there by Marilou, her son Luke, Sarah W., and her friend. It was a very high Mass, and more than half of the singing was in Latin. After Mass Marilou had to wait to talk to the Archbishop, and she made sure I did too. He wished me a Merry Christmas.

We headed down to Frank's house, he made us pancakes and bacon. We had some good fellowship while "Christmas Story" was on the TV. The party broke up after 0300, and even the cold walk home couldn't keep awake for long, I fell right to sleep.

I'm so proud of my son, he's so ... hey!

The altar at the Cathedral.

Quite the Advent wreath.

Syrup is sticky.

Frank must be happy, he's smiling even though he is in lockdown.

Christmas morning Zeke woke me up at 0700ish, what was up with that? He's never done that before, and suddenly he is standing on me meowing? We negotiated a truce, he left the bed and made a new friend with Mr. Floor, and I went back to sleep ... finally getting up at the crack of noon.

I had Christmas dinner over at Matt and Vivian's. We had a very nice dinner, a super cute baby, Christmas 'stockings', and Matt and I setting up the new Wii. This is my sixth Christmas with Vivian's family and I'm so grateful for them and their friendship.

I tried so hard to get this picture on my iPhone, there are times you just need a real camera. Oh, and it's not staged, she got up there herself. Photo credit: Matt

Who's the cutest Santa ever? Photo credit: Matt

Mommy, you got something in your hair. Photo credit: Matt

I noticed something hanging out with Vivian, her parenting style reminds me so much of my mother. I told her this in admiration, but she thought I was making fun of her. Her mother, Donna, told her I was being serious and it was a compliment, and it was. I was home at a decent hour, and slept up for work the next day.

Thursday was a nice quiet day at work. After work I met Heather at Chick-Fil-A, we had dinner and hung out for a while.

Friday after work I went to the dance and had a good time. I got up and talked about
Heartland Swing Fest in front of the crowd to try and organize the jitterbugs for the trip ... it's like herding cats, but that can be fun sometimes. After the dance we went out to Donut Stop, I got a lemon cake donut, a raspberry cake donut, and some milk.

Saturday I had nothing planned, so I improvised. I went and got Maggie and we went to Amsterdam to get those curry fries we had been talking about since Wednesday. We had some more time, so I decided to take Maggie somewhere she'd never been before, the Henry Doorly Zoo Aquarium. I decided to be tricky and and go the back streets so she wouldn't suspect the surprise. I did pretty well, we got all the way to 14th and C Streets before she got it figured out.

Octopi Wall Street!

In the evening I went to eat at China Buffet with Frank. For some reason, he did not realize that I take 'all you can eat' not just as a challenge, but a personal insult. I did manage to walk, not waddle, out the door with a funny fortune.

Sunday morning I was up and driving up to Creighton and St John's for Mass. It was not as packed as it regularly is because the students were on Christmas break. The music was very nice.

After Mass we went up to DJs dugout for the last Bears game of the year, a two point win over the Lions that didn't seem that close for most of the game. We cheered on the Bears, ate rib tips, and didn't do a whole lot with keno.

I headed home immediately following and listened to the radio as the Packers win would put the Bears in the playoffs ... of course being the Packers, they couldn't do that right either, the Bears were on the outside looking in and they fired their coach the next day. I fear it will be a few years before we will be good again.

In the evening I hung out with Heather, and I secured third place in my work fantasy football league.

Next Week: 2013

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