31 July 2005


Is it possible for anything less to be happening?

30 July 2005

Ugh! Must Post to Blog

Recently there have been some complaints about me not posting to my blog. Okay, really just one, and it was not really a complaint, more of an observation ... so here I post:

The good vibes from my birthday carried over until Tuesday about noonish. After that problems at work dominated my week until Friday at 5:00.

A lot of newbies at the Friday dance, which is great. Once the oldbies come back at the end of the summer, we'll be very crowded. I've been retaking the Lindy 1 class and working hard on the 'basics' again. I know it's a dance, therefore art and subject to interpretation, that being said, I still have some bad habits. People say I'm fun to dance with, and I have a good time, so that's what I am there to do.

Sis still is alive and fiesty. She has adapted to having a tumor, and seems to be back to the energy level she was at before it appeared. It doesn't seem to be getting any bigger either. Maybe she has a little more time left. She attacked Zeke on Thursday, Warning: Cats should not go near the rat cage when the lid is off. Mandy and Sis got in a big fight over a piece of cheesey bread too; there was no point in me trying to give them other piece (which I was), they wanted to fight over that one.

23 July 2005

Thank You

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the thoughtful people who have made my birthday special this year. I know it's not even half over yet, but with all the activities yesterday at work and at JNO, I feel really blessed and appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

19 July 2005

What's all the Buzz About? A Sting Operation

I knew that the bees had borrowed a gopher hole near the tree. In fact I reminded myself of this fact four times BEFORE I even started the lawn mower and again not :15 seconds before I ran over the hole. I have two or three stings on my right leg now. I can't tell for sure because I think I got two right close together on my achilles tendon. The bad one in on my calf, pretty colors, nice swelling. I took a benedryl and two tylenol. i'm still not afraid of bees, but I could sure tell them all to buzz off.

17 July 2005

Dress for the Weather?

I went down to Lindy in the Park today, it was a good time, but not really well attended. It may have had a little to do with the weather. Personally when I know I am going to be hot and humid, but there will be shade available, I wear as little as I possibly can wear. I am surprised at how many people, who were going to be dancing outside, had long shirts and pants on at the same time. Not to single out poor Billy, because he wasn't the only one, but he had a long sleeve shirt and an undershirt and long pants and socks and heavy shoes... it's like 1,000,000F out there!!!

This is Nebraska, the sun isn't going to strike you down, especially since we have plenty of shade for Lindy in the Park, it's the humidity and dehydration that are going get you. I'm thinking a lot of clothing is not helpful. This is of course coming from a guy who wears long sleeves to stay warm until it's about 80F, I don't think it's thin blood that makes people do it, cause I have that.

I stayed cool the old fashioned way... I picked a water fight with Jordan, and didn't resist getting soaked.

12 July 2005

Headaches Suck, Friends Don't

I used my last vacation day today on account of a nasty migraine that woke me up at 4:45am.

Thank you friends for e-mailing and chatting with me all day and keeping me from getting too out of it. And especially to Kevin for picking me up a seven layer burrito.


In other news: Congratulations to the now braceless Vivian. I'll need something new to tease her about now.

08 July 2005

How to Make an Eric

My last name is an Americanization of Adamczyk.

When my ancestors left Europe, the country was Prussia. No one is really
sure if it was Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia.

1/4 - Prussian (dad - grandpa)
1/4 - Irish (dad - grandma)
1/4 - Hungarian (mom - grandpa)
1/8 - German (mom - grandma - great grandpa)
1/32 - Welsh (mom - grandma - great grandma)
1/32 - French (mom - grandma - great grandma)
1/32 - British (mom - grandma - great grandma)
1/32 - Cherokee (mom - grandma - great grandma)

06 July 2005

For Whom the Belled Toll

My cats are part time outdoor cats. They stay in the backyard, mostly inside the fence, and they don't annoy the neighbor dogs. Unfortunately, there is some wildlife in the neighborhood. Monday they hauled in a baby bunny, and Tuesday it was a baby blue jay, and that was it for me. They are both wearing fancy new collars with bells on them. I don't really mind them catching the occasional snake or mouse, but dead bunnies and screaming blue jays are just too much.

03 July 2005

Random Post - Cycle Style

Some Random Thoughts.

I'm a rather big believer in politics and social trends being cyclical. That being said, the Supreme Court lags behind the trend in conservative / liberal because of how and when the justices are chosen. I hope you've enjoyed the last few years of individual rights. Because whoever replaces Sandra Day O'Connor isn't going to be as moderate. Abortion will be going away. Don't ever forget that the laws that apply to the poor in this country do not apply to the rich. Once abortion is illegal in this country, rich girls who get pregnant will all of sudden be taking a European "vacation", and they will be coming back not pregnant. Poor women will be risking their lives and jail time in back alley abortions. I believe abortion is wrong, regardless of my belief, changing the laws on abortion will not prevent it, it will just force it to Europe or underground.

Speaking of cyclical, could we get to a time where women I think are attractive are in vogue? Come on, if I was really interested in seeing woman after woman looking identically blonde, tan, surgically enhanced hips, and fake boobs, I'd go to Toys R Us and hang out in the Barbie section. The GREAT majority of you look fine just the way you are.

I think I've burned myself out on coffee flavored ice cream. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

I still think my Cubs will be in the race at the end of it all this season, but they are sure making it tough to stay interested right now. Derek Lee is exciting to watch, two days in a row he had a good chance at hitting for the cycle (there's that word again). The guy just hits the ball. Boy I can't wait for that and good pitching to come back into style for baseball. Last word on the Cubs, just remember, anyone can have a bad century... my hair has.

Well I am off to choir, Happy Independence Day.