30 March 2006

Tornado Warning

Look! 5000 people in a basement hallway. My car is probably blowing into Douglas county even as I post.

26 March 2006

Happy Birthday... Mommy :-)

Today is my mommy's 39th birthday... same as last year, but who's counting. Her heart is still pumping, and she sounds happier every day.


Eight weeks to answer...

Okay, so it takes me a while to work through some questions so I can get answer with how I feel. A long time. But I get around to it eventually. Names are going to be a little sparse in this particular post, sorry.

The question was: "What is up with you two?".

While I am certain there is a personality conflict at the root of the issue, I generally don't dislike someone just because of that, I attempt to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until such time they prove they are a donkey, and that is more than one incident... I like the saying "once is an event, twice is a trend, three times is a problem", however even attempting to talk to this individual after they reached three didn't result in any sort of acknowledgement there was any issue. A big part of the problem here (for me) is this individuals profession of being a Christian. I am not buying it at all, Christianity is the big dog in these here parts, and this persons ego says that they think they are the big dog. They like being out front of everybody, honored for their position, and obviously they think they know much better than the rest of us what is what on any subject. If the prevalent religion was something else, he'd be out of Christianity faster than you could say Matthew 6:5.

Every Christian thinks there are key ideas that lead to living a Christian life. The things that I believe are most important would be love, humility, and a genuine relationship with God. I would look at any person and judge their word that they are Christian on these ideals.

-Love is simply treating other people like you would like to be treated. This is so simple, it's about respect... when you talk to the homeless, you look them in the eye. When you talk to someone in the throws of addiction, you listen to the human, not the problem. You give advice only when it is what is best for the other, not when it fulfills your view of the world or benefits you. You respect and treat each other like you want to be treated yourself.
-Humility is teachability. Sometimes all humility is; is listening and considering what you hear others say. Sometimes it is promptly admitting your mistakes, and taking measures to try to fix them. A sense of sequential improvement and submission to others knowing more than you do and have gifts that you don't. Humility is a genuine understanding of your condition as a human, and embracing it, not trying to stay where you are, but walking a path towards God.
-A genuine relationship with God is commitment. I cannot say with certainty what makes a relationship with God for anyone but myself, and even then. It is a realization that there is a Power that knows way more about what is better for you than you do, and this Power delights in your joy, like a parent watching their child play. It is finding a way to live your life according to the will of this God.

Now, this given what I believe to be essential to the Christian way of life, ask yourself, what is my issue with this person? Do they treat others in a respectful, loving manner? No. Are they teachable or even attempt to learn, or admit when they are wrong? Nope. The third might be a little trickier, because I rely on observation of parts one and two, and my discernment to tell me about people who have this relationship with God... this person might have a relationship with the Bible or a religion, but I don't think they know God.

The problem is quite fixable however, a person cannot continue to profess a relationship with God, this invoking the Divine, without it affecting them in some profound manner. They will give up on God because the stress of God's discipline is too much for them, or they will be changed because of it, and once again God will rejoice in another turning away from themselves and the world, and turning towards the Divine.


I love you my friends, but being a Christian is not about being kind or tolerant all the time, because you can get led down the wrong path by a slow erosion of the 'capital T' truth. You have to be willing to draw a line in the sand and not go over it. Stand your ground with love, respect, and prayer for the situation. The incident was the not the problem, it was the straw that broke the camels back. This person's lack of discipline and humility has led to people, including themselves, to be injured physically, it is only a matter of time until it happens again (spiritual gift of prophecy not needed), and perhaps with catastrophic results, for them, for someone else, and perhaps for a certain organization we cherish. I will find it difficult to excuse any of you from saying you didn't see it coming, and when it does, will you stand by that person after that happens, or will you turn your back on them? What will it say about you if you abandon your friend when the only difference is it is convenient for you to do so?

I hope this answers your question. As always, it is only one side of a story, I welcome yours.

Robin's Birthday

Last Friday was Robin's birthday. Viv and I got together and made her a giant card and decorated some cookies. Here she is blowing out the candles. Nothing like a bad picture to make a great birthday complete.

Caption This!

What could Troy be thinking?

18 March 2006

Two Thoughts

1. I was looking through some papers at work the other day and came across the following comment: "receiving hours 24/7 M-F".

2. I just did something so much like (dancer friend) Kristen, that I swore I was her for a second.

16 March 2006

64 in, 1 winner

Okay, it is officially underway now. The NCAA mens basketball tourney. Today and tomorrow are my two favorite sports days of the entire year. I thought this years brackets were the toughest to fill out I have ever seen. My final four is Duke, Gonzaga, Illinois, and Boston College. I have three teams from the MVC going to the sweet 16, including my beloved SIU Salukis. I only fill out one sheet (cheaters!), and I will try to get my picks posted or something, so you can all make fun of me.

15 March 2006

Go fly a kite!

Viv and I were talking about a 'jitterbug' kite flying expedition on Saturday, March 25th, weather permitting, who is in? We thought of Haworth Park in Bellevue, Memorial Park in Omaha, or the big field/parking lot of the church by Troy & Merinda's house. Suggestions?

11 March 2006

Sweet 16!

Swing dancing favorite Suzie is turning 16 on Sunday! She had her birthday jam last night and we brought cake and flowers, and I tried in vain to push her into the middle of the jam circle when we sang to her, but she was too shy. Happy birthday Suzie!

10 March 2006

Thursday with the Prairie Cats

Jitterbug favorite, The Prairie Cats, played a free local show at Ozone. What a great band! The venue was a good size, the dance floor wasn't all that, but the ambiance was good. Probably about 25 jitterbugs came, saw, and danced. Billy and Lindsay gave a lesson. A good time was had by many... even the (unnamed) jitterbug who was demostrating watching TV from a position under the hanging screen, and ended up on her booty... oh where is that video camera when you can get $100,000 from America's Funniest Home Videos?

Sharon gets to play with the band!

Nate gets to sing... no jealousy from me.

07 March 2006

2's are wild

It might be hard to see, but the odometer is 22222. Well I thought it was cool.

05 March 2006


I woke up this morning, made myself breakfast, eggos, and went to share a piece with Mandy, to find that she had died during the night.

I know that many of you have heard me comment about how amazed I was that my two smallest pets had such obvious personalities. Sis was outgoing, Mandy was the shy one. She liked the comfort of staying in the cage, when out of it she liked to hide in a pocket or under whatever was handy, towel, blanket, dog. She had the most amazing color fur, a combination of shiny silver and cocoa brown, the camera couldn't do it justice. She was the storer in the family, she'd take food out of my hand, run and hide it in a corner, and run back and get another piece, really only breaking this routine for the occasional piece of cheese or fresh berry.

I knew it wouldn't be long when she started drinking tons of water, but, well I guess for the survivors, there is no good time for a loved one to die.

Goodbye sweetie, I look forward to seeing you again someday...

03 March 2006

Stupid Infection, um make that Stupid Smart Infection

A few years ago, I read an interesting article in Scientific American (March 2003 issue) called "Bugs in the Brain". The author's assertation was that certain types of viruses 'know' more about human/mammalian physiology than we do as humans, despite our love of patting ourselves on the back with all of our knowledge. The example used was that of the rabies virus, which over a broad range of mammals, manages to overwhelm the brain, causing it infectee to bite another mammal thus passing on the virus to a new host. No medical degree needed, no college either, or any schooling. The only argument against it's brilliance is a good virus doesn't kill it's host, it just makes it miserable until it passes it along to another poor slob.

Speaking of which, this stupid infection I have sure knows how to interrupt my sleep cycle! Freaking thing! It's just lucky it's so small, and that it doesn't have a behind, cause I'd be kicking it if I could. Who wants this thing, cause I'll pass it along right now to get some sleep.

P.S. thanks for all the well wishes, I feel much better than I did the last few days!

01 March 2006

Sick Again

Well this makes infection #4 this winter, that surgery cannot come along fast enough as far as I am concerned. Temp 101.1F, aches, coughs, can't sleep, and the obligitory hacking up of great green globs of my lungs. I've not left the house in 2+ days, and I really would like to get back to work in the morning, I'm bored, and don't think I can stand another day of trying to make something fancier with my blog... unless I change the colors and graphics... and that is sad with this wonderful weather I'm not enjoying. At least if I work tomorrow, I can come home and sleep all night and be ready for a busy Friday.