26 July 2007

My, um, 29th birthday weekend

Time to get another year older, I'm down with that. As long as I don't have to do anything or wear anything stupid...

Birthday glasses - Cornstalker
Darn it, I guess it is too late.

My birthday started on Friday, and ended on Tuesday, with just a short break on Sunday. Friday was the birthday dance and festivities at Jitterbugs night out. Many of the most popular jitterbugs and me have their birthdays at this time of year, Timmo, Steph, SendmeJackson, and Corinn were all out there making for a crowded dance circle ... cool!

All these ladies were waiting just to get in line to dance with me.

JennyJitterbug takes her turn.

Emeade got into the act too.

Sheila and I captured Becca when she wasn't looking.

Saturday night BeckyRants had her annual "Look, I'm Making Ice Cream Party". Okay, it is true, this party had zero to do with my birthday, but what the heck... Schmedrick, Mae, and I rode down to Lincoln together, and in a rare treat, Mae drove. BeckyRants made four, count them four different kinds of ice cream, Strawberry, Mint, Vanilla, and Chocolate ... I tried three. Somehow, no one got a picture of the ice cream...

IMG_0644.JPG - cornstalker
There was the usual party stuff for us, food, dancing ...

IMG_0666.JPG - cornstalker
... and the obligatory and much liked game of Apples to Apples.

Sunday was a down day, but Monday was the actual birthday. My birthday morning dawned in the colors of light reflected off the jewels and gold of a dragons horde, rays streaming skyward, golden fire, unimpeded by the everyday ... oh, um, yeah, nevermind. I had to work. After work Vivian met me and we went to Bible study together. There I got several cards and a couple gifts, including the birthday glasses. Smeade was rather insistent that they be worn from the time I got them until the end of my party on Tuesday ... I got right not on that.

phone photo 072307 03
Look, I'm six years old!

After Bible study we went over to Ted & Wally's to get some birthday ice cream.

Tuesday was the party day. I spent about four hours during the course of the day taking care of some much overdue lawn work, including getting out the chainsaw and cutting up some wood for the party later. We met at 1830 at Old Chicago downtown Omaha, and hung out and had dinner.

Outside Old Chicago - cornstalker
If you don't mind, I'll thank you not to use the term 'old' in my presence on my birthday.

Everybody at the dinner table - cornstalker
Thanks everyone for showing up!

IMG_2031.JPG - cornstalker
SmileChild is certain why she doesn't like onions, and not so certain why she is friends with me.

After dinner it was back to my house for a foamy sword fight. I think we all got so excited about it, we forgot to get pictures of it. Then a fire and too many roasted marshmallows.

Eric's Present - cornstalker
Guess who likes his gift!!!

Eric and Jenny on the blanket - cornstalker
JennyJitterbug started this one ... honest.

Eric and Jenny on the blanket - cornstalker
This one is just here because it is a freakin' cool picture. Who knew Maegmariel was part ghost or that I could pet Cherokee like that.

Mostly I just want to say a big fat
to all my super-cool friends who helped to make this birthday grand, I love you all!

Many thanks to Cornstalker and SmileChild for allowing me to borrow pictures more or less with permission.


Sarah said...

You mean the paleness and aversion of people didn't give it away?

Shera said...

Happy Birthday Onionboy! Looks like you had a fun birthday!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday! :)