03 December 2007

Mii, not you

This is a little late on the posting, but ... on Thanksgiving at Viv's parents there was a Wii brought by Cornstalker's brother. Cornstalker just had to create a Mii of me, with advice from Viv. The results were a little on the eerie side.
Eric's Mii - Cornstalker
Everytime my Mii stepped up on screen to bowl, everyone busted up laughing again. Ha ha.


Sarah said...

I still think it looks like a member from a '90's rock band. Like Third Eye Blind or one of those.


(Why haven't we been posting Miis? Shame on me. I'll get to it tonight.)

Viv said...

The real scary part is that it looks just like the table picture when we were at Pizza Hut.