19 December 2007

Zoo Lights 2007

Although there were more attendees this year than last, our zoo lights trip seemed much more disorganized than last year, with a lot of last minute are we / are we not issues.

We did, and it was great fun. The group was me, Olin, Jenny Jitterbug, Sarah, SmileChild, Becca & little TC, and that SingingMonkeyGirl. There was a lot less light viewing than last year, and a lot more goofing off, but it was all good.

The evening started out interestingly enough, while some of us were standing by the front entrance waiting on others, we looked over and saw a car was making it's way along the sidewalk from 10th street to the drop off circle drive. It dropped off the curb pretty hard, and was followed closely by another car. I thought the second car looked familiar, as in someone we were waiting for ... it turns out the first car should have looked familiar too. I won't name names, but if I were going to...

zoo lights 15 of 32 - micah
What happens when a starfish has a little too much to drink? By the way, this will be the theme picture for next years trip.

zoo lights 2 of 32 - micah
First Stop: The Birthday House, where Olin captures a SingingMonkeyGirl.

zoo lights 6 of 32 - micah
I don't know about the monkey part, but Jenny Jitterbug finds out firsthand where the singing girl part comes from.

zoo lights 8 of 32 - micah
Wait a second, this looks awfully familiar.

zoo lights 9 of 32 - micah
Later on, more like sooner on, when we figured out it was cold, we headed to the aquarium to see how tall TC is, yep, she is Gentoo and a quarter feet tall.

Jenny Jitterbug and Sarah are looking a little, um distorted, I guess they must be underwater.

I'm telling you, Becca has a thing for bubbles, and if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, you need to read my blog more often.

zoo lights 13 of 32 - micah
Okay, SmileChild has the baby, and later in the evening she received a marriage proposal, it's all coming together for her.

It's a little dark, but I love the way SmileChild is looking at the turtle. This also satisfies the obligation to have a sea turtle picture in the Zoo Lights photo montage.

Oh look, Zoo Lights, who knew?

Shortly after this picture was taken I took a snowball to the ear area, the snow quickly made it's way down into my clothing causing me to entertainingly scream like a little girl.

There were also some acoustics lessons on the trip. Sarah and I sat in different parts of the aquarium tunnel and whispered back and forth using the acoustics of the tunnel to gossip horribly about the others on the trip ... did you know that ... um, nevermind. Later on, we went into the Wild Kingdom building and there was a little demonstration thing about acoustics which SingingMonkeyGirl demonstrates here:

zoo lights 21 of 32 - micah

We were all singing Christmas songs to Sarah when she had on the headphones. Interestingly enough we found out that the name all the other reindeer were calling Rudolph was "Fudge Face", that's horrible to be called that and not being able to play in any of the reindeer games.

zoo lights 29 of 32 - micah zoo lights 26 of 32 - micah
We all did this (except for Becca & TC who had already left). In the interest of brevity (an interest I rarely suffer from), I am only including these two.

We headed on up to the main store, mostly to annoy Maegmariel, who was working. Sarah left us, so we were down to five. In keeping with my long standing tradition of pain avoidance, no pictures of Maegmariel are included.

These two were having delusions of penguinness ... penguinnuity ... penguinadequacy ... penguinability ... nevermind.

zoo lights 31 of 32 - micah
There are two sides to this story, or should I say two sides to these hats.

After we left we all went and ate at Taco Bell.

Thanks to SmileChild for unwittingly let me steal her pictures, which I would have done to Jenny Jitterbug too, but she thought sleep was more important than uploading photos. Silly double J.

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Get A Life! said...

That starfish photo is priceless! You are very lucky to have a sea turtle at your zoo.