12 May 2008

Dance Weekend

I am tired. Not quite as worn as I thought I might be, but tired. Ten classes, two dances, and a rockabilly show.

All my pictures are up.

I danced really well all weekend, with one exception ... the dance contest on Friday. I just froze up completely. I didn't dance well, I played it safe, and I didn't dance well. I remain bound and determined to at least make it into the finals sometime of some dance contest somewhere.

Learning from Peter & Mia is a little like learning violin from Yo-Yo Ma, or how to hit a baseball from Babe Ruth. They have obviously put considerable thought into how to simplify instruction, in a "The Karate Kid" kind of way, thirty minutes in you have no idea that you can do what they are showing you, ten minutes later, the light bulb pops on and you get it ... like magic.

Some highlights (from my perspective):
  • I got the foxtrot basic down.
  • Troy danced a lot.
  • Micah got into the finals of the Jack & Jill.
  • Robert Bell and the Twin Cities Hot Club.
  • Wayne Hancock.
  • Heel Shag.
  • Big Apple Fun.
  • A nice talk with Christy.

Schmendrick can't believe Ben's cool moves.

70 of 88/May 9, 08 - cliffo
Check me out, I'm #77.

Beth is very impressed with how little effort it takes.

Dancing makes everyone smile.

4 of 88/May 9, 08 - cliffo (redeye removed by me)
I can't believe I got lucky and actually looked cool.

I bought new shoes.

This is probably the best dancing picture I have taken.

I saw two really dancable bands this weekend with a total of zero percussionists. Robert Bell (right) and the Twin Cities Hot Club shown here.

I also managed to play with iMovie, and put this together of Micah on Friday.

thanks to Cliff for some pictures.

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Janna said...

You DO look cool there!

By the way, my anti-spam letters are "XHFFFU", which sounds sort of like a stifled sneeze.

Just thought I'd say that.