20 May 2008


This is why you plant this kind of tree, just for three days every year when it looks like this.

Olympic boycott over Tibet? FYI, Olympic boycotts have been tried before. Hasn't worked too well yet. Yes, you can argue that the situation is different but I'll tell you the results will be similar. I also observe that the folks I personally know talking about this being a good idea are not sports fans. Weird.

I was headed out to do lawn work last Wednesday when Spanky called. He used the only three words he could have used to get me to come over. "Grand Theft Auto". It seemed to be just about everything the reviews said it would be.

I still miss Cherokee something fierce. I went to get an ice cream cone at DQ the other day and it just wasn't the same not having him there to steal my ice cream.

Lindy in the Park, season nine. Sunday's weather was perfect for, well any day, but especially for dancing out doors. There will probably be 40,000 pictures on line by tonight, check yourself out ... or join us next week, and see how good looking you are dancing in the sun.

1 of 70  Dance  Lindy in the Park  May 18th '08 - Cliff
There must be twenty pictures of me dancing with Sarah over the weekend.

Thought of the day: With moderate power comes moderate responsibility. Thank you to Order of the Stick for this.

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Get A Life! said...

So true! I want one of those pretty trees. Even if it will look boring 355 days out of the year.