20 May 2008

Ultimate Frisbee

I played ultimate frisbee at lunch with some of the guys from work. Some notes:
  • I am in better shape than I was last year when I played at Rob's birthday, you know, the game SmileChild dominated.
  • If you don't wear socks, you can get some very cool bloody toes from being rubbed all the wrong way.
  • I don't quite have the energy to keep up with the young guys, but I did okay.
  • I am defensive minded in ultimate frisbee.
  • When I grew up, my "little" brothers were taller than me, my best friend in high school was 6'8". I got used to being small (and I was) at 5'7". Even when I hit six foot tall, I was still a spindly 130 pounds. Now I am six foot tall and 185 pounds. That's kind of big ... I should start being big in sports games.

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