01 December 2009

Thanksgiving Week 2009

Monday of Thanksgiving week was not much to write home about. I worked, then went home, cleaned a few things, and went to sleep.

Tuesday had a very unusual (for me) activity planned. I went to movie night at Kaleb's. He had the newest (rebooted) Star Trek. Any movie with time travel is going to be full of inconsistencies, and it was. I enjoyed the movie however, and I look forward to seeing any future reboots. I have not liked the TV shows for a while, I did like this ... the gag reel was hilarious.

VK met me for lunch on Wednesday, we ate at Cracker Barrel. I remember eating there as a small boy, too bad it didn't exist then. Maybe I am thinking of Win Schuler's. After work found me running around doing all sorts of errands to collect what I needed for the Thursday feast. I finally got home and went to bed, early because I hadn't slept well the night before. Fortunately, I had Thursday morning to sleep in...

...or not. Look out for the bus! My roommates were having people over for Thanksgiving, and they decided to run the vacuum cleaner at 0900. Are you kidding me? I hope you recover from being thrown under the bus here by me, but that could have waited.

So I was up. The next thing that happened was I heard from VK that the power was out at her house. She got up early, put the turkeys in the oven, and then after about 90 minutes, the power died. Grrr. I really appreciate VK's non-panicky personality, I occasionally get into "end of the world" mode, and for no reason, there were lots of options.

I grabbed my meal contribution (a green salad), and headed over to VK's. I called mom and talked to her on the way over. When I got to the neighborhood, I drove around and looked for the OPPD workers.

100_0489.JPG - Me
These guys saved the day.

They were not hard to find, just about a block and a half away. I went back to the house, brought my stuff in and we talked. Eventually it was decided that the turkey and stuffing would go over to VK's brothers, and they would cook it there and bring it back. We loaded it into the back of her father's jeep, and he and Bente sped off. Naturally about five minutes later, the electricity came back on.

So we settled in to watch football, for a while at least. VK's dad, brothers, and I went out into the back yard to play some hackysack. It's hard to believe I was ever good at that game. I just stink now. After about half hour, VK threw open the back deck door and the scent of the turkey was overwhelming. Mmmm.

100_0497.JPG - Me
VK's dad brought this epicute fruit bouquet.

Dinner was fabulous. Thank you VK & Bente.

After dinner we went out and threw a football around in the street. Now I know that just a few paragraphs back I said that I appreciated VK's non-panicky personality, well evidently that doesn't apply when there is a football flying at her, she makes the cutest "eek" noises and runs away. I came down hard on my ankle making a spectacular catch, it swelled up for a little bit, but then healed up.

100_0505.JPG - Me
Does anyone actually think I can throw that far left handed? Well yes, I can, but not very accurately.

100_0507.JPG - Me
I'm not quite sure what is happening here.

100_0520.JPG - Me 100_0518.JPG - Me
Throw ... catch!

You can click somewhere in this sentence and see all my Thanksgiving pictures, I'll let you figure out where.

After all this we played another game of "The Office". I really enjoy the game play, but I don't know enough about the show to win. It is not a serious game, but it does make it enjoyable time, even if you are just watching. After this, four of us played a game of Wii bowling. Then another party game, Taboo. I like this game, but I don't think I am particularly good at it, I think it shows where I am creative and where I am not, well, more like just where I am not. Just so everyone knows, there are games I don't like ... at all.

Friday is the most boring day at work for the year. I have not taken it off while I have been at Werner, but I may try to next year. It isn't just that it is slow, this is Nebraska, and there is the traditional Nebraska vs. Colorado football game. People in the building seem to evaporate in the early afternoon, very strange.

Friday night started out dancing. It was UNO night at JNO, predictably there were a ton of college age people there. I didn't really get into it until almost 2300, then I danced my butt off for 45 minutes.

100_0540.JPG - Me
This was a perfectly horrible picture, after much fiddling I somehow made Ben look something akin to Bruce Springsteen.

100_0559.JPG - Me
Just in case you had any doubt.

Here are the rest of my JNO pictures from last Friday.

What I was into all night was good conversation, something that has been missing for me there for a while. Between the lack of sleep, the conversation, and the hard dancing, I was exhausted, so I ... went to Village Inn with Kevin. The waitress was in an overtly bad mood, not that Kevin cared or noticed. I had waffles, no ketchup. So finally sleep, right? No, still not that smart. We went over to Troy & Merinda's (CJ was there too) and played a game of Citadels, which I think I liked, but I was too tired to really tell.

Finally sleep.

Saturday I stayed in bed for as long as I could, but I was up and running errands by 11:30 or so. Later on in the afternoon, I met up with VK and we went to the zoo.

100_0582.JPG - Me
VK wanted to take this little guy home with her.

100_0601.JPG - Me
When I saw this, I nearly dropped my camera in excitement to get this picture.

100_0636.JPG - Me
The bear in the back was awake, trust me.

100_0507.JPG - Me
This cute little guy needed a hug.

The rest of the photographic evidence from this zoo adventure can be found here.

I had kind of panic moment as we left the zoo. As I pulled my camera off from around my neck, it accidentally fell to the ground. It would not power up after I picked it up. I was quite sad about it, however it had a happy ending, I swapped the batteries, and it came back on.

After this we went to Ted & Wally's, and lo and behold, what is that but plenty of tasty flavors. Although they had Guinness, there was no Mayonnaise Pomegranate Tea or such stupid flavor. I had two scoops of Bailey's Irish Creme and one of Kaluha.

As we left I became so tired, more like exhausted. I was almost afraid to drive home, but I did and went to bed on a Saturday night just after 1930. I slept for about 90 minutes and someone texted me. Silly me for not turning off the ringer. I was then awake until 0215, slept fitfully until 0530/0600 or so, and awake at 0900. In any case, it wasn't enough.

On Sunday, the usual football watching plans were off, so I decided to go to late church, and then hang out with Troy. I helped him put up his outdoor Christmas decorations, it's a tradition. I then actually PLAYED a video game, Left 4 Dead 2. This only lasted about ten minutes before I realized how uncoordinated I am. So I watched for a while longer. Where did all these zombies come from? The story starts in Savannah, GA, which only has a population of around 135,000, yet there are a couple hundred zombies on each level of a hotel. It makes no sense, and all games must make perfect sense 100% of the time, just like real life. Zombies, can't live with 'em, can't find an axe when you need one.

Eventually we became hungry and went out to eat at Carlos O'Kelly's. VK met us there, and after dinner we went shopping at Target. It was a fun end to the week.

IMG_0413.JPG - Me

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