21 December 2009

Third Week in December 2009

Edited to add video!

Monday started with bad news, little sleep and an unexpected continuation of on call from the previous week. Then when I got on the roads and drove to work, it was very slow going. However the work day went well, and it wasn't too bad at all. I finally got some sleep Monday night ... about ten hours worth. Aaah!

Tuesday after work I went and hung out with Troy for most of the night. We mostly talked and he taught me to play Magic the Gathering ... on line ... I'm about 20 years too late to be relevant.

Wednesday morning I had a dentist appointment to start the day and two cavities filled. It really messed up my whole day constitution wise, I don't know if it was the eating late, the up early, the novocaine, or a combination, but my alertness was up and down all day long.

I also noticed on Wednesday that I have a Facebook friend request from a childhood friend who I haven't had a conversation in thirty years. I am just letting it sit there, not really wanting to refuse the connection, but not really too excited about it either. I still think my friends list should be around 200 or less, but I keep getting more and more. P.S. I ended up on ignore.

After work I went to VK's and helped her move furniture for Friday's carpet cleaning frenzy. After the hard work, we went off to Village Inn for Free Pie Wednesday.

Thursday was dull, but Friday was very busy. I went into work on time, but I had a half day because of the on call from last week. After work I went to my doctors office, then over to Shadow Lake for some Christmas shopping. I finished it up and then met VK there for some shopping of hers. We ended up having dinner at our favorite restaurant, the Hy-Vee cafe. From there we went over to Borders to catch some of Becky's show, after that it was the annual Jitterbugs Holiday swing dance, I have pictures of both.
100_0707.JPG - Me
Becky makes her Borders world premier.

100_0730_2.JPG - Me
Ben graduated, and got his own jam circle, what better way to celebrate than with Cap'n Epp?

100_0728.JPG - Me
Ben tells Merinda to get down, and boogie!

100_0743.JPG - Me
Normally, at least one of these people is super responsible, if not both of them.

Okay, so here are the rest of my photos of Kristin and Becky singing at Borders. Here are the rest of my JNO Holiday party pictures, and Matt's pictures of the same event start here.

Saturday during the day wasn't much. But in the evening it was time for the annual Christmas part at Jenny & Becky's. This evening could be broken up into three different parts. Gingerbread house building, white elephant gift exchange, and finally, mayhem.

100_0771.JPG - Me
Here is my gingerbread 'house'.

100_0784.JPG - Me
It's not a three headed Christmas monster, but it is a likable picture.

100_0836.JPG - Me
I cannot believe this wasn't the most coveted of the white elephant gifts.

100_0850.JPG - Me
Trust me, anyone who was there knows this was destruction in progress.

It's a little dark, but you should be able to make out the basic dance.

I have more pictures of this party here.

After the destruction was complete, I went over to Kaleb's house for the end of game night. We played a game of Elfenland. I liked it. I finished tied for second out of six. Later on we played Lego Rock Band, I sang and didn't fail.

Sunday seemed to be all about recovery from Saturday (just tired, thanks). I had already had two naps in when I went over to Troy's in the afternoon. I was watching him play a video game sometime shortly after four, and the next thing I know, Merinda is waking me up. Huh? I fell asleep pretty hard. I celebrated my new found consciousness by kicking some booty in 1 vs 100 ... I probably only proved I am more trivial than most.

Not really related to any day in particular, I made Matt's comic ... I don't have any idea what this is referencing. I look happy, so it all must be good. Matt's comic updates every Monday and Wednesday and is usually spot on.

Next week: Merry Christmas!


Kate said...

Hy Vee? Hi Chi is my favorite. Hyvee Chinese food. Amen.

Becky said...

2 things when I saw free pie, i actually read pee frie, so i had to double take.

and second- that was a good picture of merinda and she doesn't usually need to be told twice to get down and boogie- she does pretty well on her own. ;o)