05 April 2010

Holy Week 2010 v2

So, I didn't even come close to making my Lenten sacrifice. Nor did I do well on the 'take on' exercise portion. I feel very humbled by the experience, yet also quite resolved ... I think I will try to juggle my priorities, and instead of focusing on what I don't want to do, I will be focusing on what I want to accomplish. It wasn't a 100% loss, I want to stop drinking so much soda, and I have started on a better plan, and I've been able to change some things that let me sleep much better.

Monday after work I got a text from Shannon that she was at the park with the kids, the park wasn't far away, and the weather was really nice, so I went and did swings, sliding, rolling around on the ground, and tree climbing for what seemed like a very long time, but was only about an hour.
IMG_0498.JPG - Me
Kamber climbs a tree! After which she posted "I just climbed my first tree and got scraped up ... but life a climb you don't know where it is going to take you ... you might get a few cuts and scrapes on the way but there are always reasons for it."

Beautiful Day at the Park 11 of 22 - Shannon
I think they killed me. Photo credit: Shannon

Beautiful Day at the Park 19 of 22 - Shannon
Does this slide make my butt look fat? Photo credit: Shannon

After the park I sped home ... I mean drove home at the legal speed limit in a safe manner ... cleaned up and went to my guitar lesson. It wasn't horrible, but it was obvious that I had not been practicing in my long absence. Oh well. This week being busy with Holy week will probably not make me a guitar teacher favorite again. On a non-motivational / time note. The last knuckle on my left ring finger is not enjoying the practice time. I hope it doesn't take too long to strengthen it up.

I did some late night cooking when I got home. Plain mac and cheese, well I added black pepper and extra cheese.

Tuesday night Joe and I went to a Penance / Reconciliation Mass with Joe. We went to Saint Bernadette, which may end up as 'our' home church. It was nice enough, and going to confession was definitely good. The priest suggested coming to confession more often, and it's really hard to argue the point. I feel so much better when I go, I feel free. Afterwards Joe and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We ate a bunch of wings, Joe whooped my butt at trivia, and we compared notes, and laughed and laughed. Who knew confession would be so funny?

Wednesday was a quiet night at home. I am going to attempt to make this a habit. Wednesday night being a home night. I think I need more of those.

Thursday after work I drove straight up to Saint Margaret-Mary for Holy Thursday Mass, I met Brianne, Joe, and Jen there. Last time I went to Margaret-Mary for Mass was probably in 2004, and it was a visit with the senior delegation. This Mass was much different, I might have been on the old side of average. The odd part of this Thursday Mass was there was no feet washing - ??? - it doesn't have the cultural impact in our day and time that it would have had when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, but, still, let's not let go of this tradition quite yet. However, I left church absolutely elated.

After Mass one of us came up with doing a tour of the all the churches in Omaha. Ha ha ... expect remember the last time something like was said offhandedly. I ended up walking most of the NRD trails. I think Brianne is all in, Joe seems like he'll go along, and I think more news will be coming on this little project.

After Mass I headed over to game night at Kaleb's. Yep, I didn't play any games. Maybe I should just call it social night. We did play ping pong, but it wasn't really a keep score kind of thing, more of try to kill each other with a ping pong ball kind of thing.

Friday was a half day in compensation for being on call, go me and time off! I had planned on going to church at 1500, but the weather took a turn for the nice (if not windy), so I decided to go golfing. I went to Eagle Hills, got right out, and thought it was going to be a good day when I sunk a 40 footer on the second hole for birdie. Things did not go badly, just not well. I ended up with a 84 (42/42) that had a few mulligans in it. I really didn't chip well, and I spent a whole bunch of time in the sand (eight strokes), but everything else went okay. I was happy because I closed out the round with five straight pars.

I went dancing on Friday night. Jillian was in from New York, but not for any pleasant reason. Still, she came dancing and it was good to see her, and to dance with her. I got six pictures, but I didn't have my SD card in my camera, thus limiting quantity and quality.

Saturday I was really worn out, maybe all the dancing, golf, walking, and fresh air caused issues. I slept more or less until 1130, and then went and met Jillian at Alvarado's in Council Bluffs. We talked about food, friends, and people. She's a good listen. We then headed over to the zoo for some walking.

100_1876.JPG - Me
Dead flowers on a plant after a long winter probably don't bode well for the plant, but it makes for an interesting picture.

100_1883.JPG - Me
This was a lot of work to get this picture. Photography is not for the dignified.

100_1887.JPG - Me
That's a pretty good trick

I was pretty darn happy with the pictures that came out of my camera. The adventure pointed out something, I overdid it on Friday. Golf in the sun, and the dry, windy air, plus a whole lot of dancing equaled very worn out Eric. I got home from the zoo and promptly took a nap.

When I finally awoke, I went and picked up Joe to go to Saint James for the Easter Vigil. What an absolutely gorgeous church, although it is nondescript on the outside, it is amazing inside. That is as close to agoraphobic as I have been inside a building ever. It's Brianne's home church, and she was in the choir. The Mass was wonderful, I very moved, to the point of tears, at a couple times, most notably during to the Litany of Saints ... I can't really say why, but it's nice to know that the heroes of the church are on our side. It was a beautiful service, and I only commented to Joe once about the length.

Brianne's husband, Andy, is the drummer there and helped to make the music pretty amazing. After the service, I met a load of Brianne and Andy's relatives and friends. It was such an enjoyable time that I hardly even noticed that it was 2315 before we left out of there.

When I got home the living room was filled with people, and we sat and watched Troy play Borderlands for a couple of hours. I don't know what it is, but I don't get much motion sickness watching that game, it could be the 'cartoonish' renderings.

Sunday I slept in until 1145, so I didn't make it to church. But I did make it out to golf. CJ and I met and played Tregaron. I shot a 81, but it was an odd 44/37 eighty-one. The 44 might not have been that good, and the 37 might not have been that bad. The bad news, I was in the sand again five times, I three putted five greens. The good news, I made thirteen greens in regulation, and I mostly struck the ball well.

That was pretty much it for my week. Next week: It's been one year.


Kate said...

I'm so glad you enjoy going to Mass. I miss going to Catholic church services. I'm not ready to go back to church yet, but when I do, I think it will be Mass.

Viv said...

One year? One year since your sabbatical?

onionboy said...

Yes, it's been a year. It was the week after Easter. It was actually April 18, so it's a "church year", but a year none-the-less.