28 April 2010

Third Week in April 2010

What's up? Grace. I've been so at peace for the last five or six days. Prior to returning to God, if you'd have told me that one day I would crave peace instead of sex, drugs, and/or rock'n'roll. I would have thought you to be, in Jillian's words, "a little cracked". Yet, here I am, wanting nothing more than to draw close to God's love.

Monday after work I went over to the park off 110th and Harrison and met Shannon and her kids, Shannon's cousin Kayleen, and Rachel and her child for dinner. In case you lost count, that's nine people. This time I had the camera. I took six pictures and Kimee took enough to go through three sets of rechargeable batteries.

100_2049.JPG - Me
Despite me only taking six pictures, I really liked two of them, including this off center duck.

100_2149.JPG - Me
We have a tree we all like to climb at that park.

You can see the rest of my six pictures here and the ones that Kimee took are here (on Facebook).

Tuesday after work was dance practice. Troy got a video of Dan and Giselle teaching Lindy basics. We skipped the basic basics, but watched and practiced quite a bit of it. I really thought these videos were well thought out and put together, and I got a lot out of them.

Wednesday morning I awoke nervous and feeling overwhelmed by Mass Chaos. I was praying about this and other things and the saying "God equips the called, not calls the equipped" popped into my head. This completely changed my entire week ... the rest of my week floated by on grace.

After work I came home and did some lawn work. I like lawn work. This reminds me of how funny I think this is: when I date ladies who have not been married, they are concerned about me being handsome (or not), but the ones who I've dated who have been divorced, they are concerned about me being handy (or not). Red Green, you have it correct.

Thursday after work I went over to Shannon's and picked up some peanut butter cookies that we're made for me ... no chocolate. I ended up getting dinner out of the deal too. The only possible issue I had was being treated as a toy by the littles, but that's really not so bad at all.

Friday started a fun, wonderful, and wildly odd weekend. Instead of a lunch nap, I took a lunchtime power walk around Wehrspan Lake ... well 1.34 miles worth anyways. On my way home, I took the slow way, stopping for errands, and finally picking Kevin up around 7pm. We went back to the house and waited around to go to the dance.

The dance had the UNO Big Band playing. It was quite enjoyable to dance to live tunes. The skill of the musicians was wonderful, however, the arrangement of "Boogie Woogie Bugel Boy" was odd, it featured the woodwinds in the main part, not a trumpet. I managed to stay to the end without falling asleep, when I got home I was out.

Saturday morning I was up at a reasonable hour and saw this. After I extracted myself from the cuteness, I went over to the Durham Western Heritage Museum for a Jazz Appreciation Month event with two bands, the Street Railway Band, which I love, and the Sing, Sing, Swing Orchestra, which is okay. Omaha Jitterbugs was dancing at the event and so entry was free. We were supposed to dance at 1100, I got there at 1101 and I was first one there ... go figure.

We danced to the Street Railway Band for an hour.

100_2218.JPG - Me
There is an auditorium on the far east end of the Durham ... who knew? The space was gorgeous, and had a nice dance floor.

100_2237.JPG - Me
Brianne and I cut a rug, um, cut a parquet, well it's kind of hard to tell what I was leading here.

100_2253.JPG - Me
I might, just might like this one a lot.

When the first band ended, we had an hour to kill before the second band. Lunch time! Kat and I left right away and we went up to the corner by Upstream Brewing to meet Matt and Vivian. We got there and didn't see Matt and Vivian coming, so we went inside, and I got a beer. When they got there, we headed over to Little King and had lunch. Afterwards, it was back to the dancing, sheesh.

100_2263.JPG - Me
Vintage dance, vintage effect.

P1030588.JPG - Matt
Whoa! I'm actually dancing Charleston? Photo credit: Matt

100_2270.JPG - Me
Hey this one too, I might, just might like this one a lot.

After the dance was over , Joe, Kat, and I walked back up to Upstream and got dinner. I experimented with my meal selection, yeah, I should probably stick to things I like. Frank joined us, then Kat left, and since it was an all Chicago table, we discussed the Bears draft and other manly things. Then we walked over to Ted and Wally's and got some ice cream. There were a lot of pictures, here are mine, Matt's, and mixed in with others here are Brianne's (on Facebook).

Between the dancing and the food, I was worn out, so I came home and slept.

After I woke up Merinda and I went over to Bethany's 21st birthday party. I'm glad I went to support her, but the party itself was not the style of party that I might attend these days. No, you can't see the pictures.

Sunday was the third installment of Mass Chaos, you can read my post on it here.

In the afternoon I ended up playing Final Fantasy XIII for a few hours. I may never be able to say this again, I am further along on a video game than Kaleb, Troy, Sarah, CJ, or Ben.

In the evening I went to see Madness Sale (Ben Rasmussen's band), or at least 3/4s of it at the Barfly. I won two games of pool by default, both random eight ball issues. After the band was done playing, we headed over to Village Inn and hung out and talked. It was a great weekend.


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I like my men handy.

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I like it when I get quoted on your blog. :-)