07 May 2010

Fourth Week in April 2010

This is post #666. Read at your own risk. I had tried to figure out a way to not have a post with this number, but really, it's just a number.

Monday after work, I went down to a Haiti benefit dinner at GAMe. Okay, it was the regular Monday dinner, but the proceeds went to supporting a mission trip to Haiti. It was pleasant to see so many of my friends there. I stayed for the music too.

100_2330.JPG - Me
Tuesday morning when I got up I was greeted by this sight when I went to shave.

After work it was time for dance practice. We worked again with Dan and Giselle's videos. I continue to enjoy working with the videos. 5-6 in Lindy makes so much sense the way it is explained.

Wednesday I got my grill on. I marinated three chicken breasts and made five sausages. Ben came over, Troy was there, and Sarah joined us late, and by the time we finished, there was only one sausage left ... I must cook pretty well.

Thursday night was game night, and goodbye (for a year) for "I'm-bringing-pie-I-nominate-Sarah-let's-call-Angela-Susan" Tom. He is getting deployed overseas. I was one minute late in arriving and of course was the first one there.

We played basketball with his daughters (Roslyn and Lydia) until someone else arrived. I got the short end of that deal ... meaning the younger of the two daughters. We lost, good thing it was just for fun. People got there finally, so we ate. While I was trying to eat, Lydia insisted that we played a game of Mastermind. I was a little worried about kicking her butt at it, but no worries, she brought out the children's version, and even then we played with 'alternate' rules. After we ate, I played two games of Guillotine. It was my first time playing it, although I have seen it played before, I kind of thought it was a little too random, hard to be ready to play until the person in front of you plays. Good luck Tom, come back safe.

100_2333.JPG - Me
I drove Kevin to JNO, he decided to read while waiting for me to get ready.

Friday I was on the tear down crew for JNO ... wait, I was the tear down crew for Friday night. I took one whole picture, but at least it was a good one.

Saturday I wanted to go to the Renaissance Festival, but all the usual suspects who I do things like this with were not available, so instead I stayed at home all day with my best friend xbox. It turns out plenty of people went, but I didn't know about it. I guess that's what happens when you're a hermit, no one thinks of you ... how's that for passive-aggressive whiny? I still got it.

I cut the lawn instead.

100_2372.JPG - Me
A robin has built it's nest in the vines and latices outside the front door. There are three eggs in there.

Brianne, Frank, Joe, and I went out to Amarillo's for dinner. If you live in the Omaha metro and you can, you should try eating there. After dinner we came back to the house and played Rock Band. Brianne hadn't heard me singing Radiohead's Creep before ... I wonder if I should karaoke that song.

Sunday was the latest installment of Mass Chaos, you can read about our adventure there. Brianne, Christmas, and I were going to go golfing, but it rained instead.

Next week: something, I guess we'll find out then.


Kaleb said...

I still need to try that BBQ place! I was supposed to go on a date there a few years ago, but she was a no-show, and so I've been a no-show ever since. (also passive-aggressive?)
I'm enjoying my share of Mastermind-computer-hacking on Fallout 3.

Was great to see you at Tom's!

Get A Life! said...

Caption for cat picture: One day he will mix up the shaving cream and whipped cream, I just know it!