19 May 2010

Second Week in May 2010

Monday I gave up on my nose, it had been bleeding since midday Saturday, and had not happy before that. So I went to the doctor. Surprise! I have a staph infection in my nose. Icky, and the stuff it produces, ickier. I got my prescriptions and stayed home for the day. Tuesday was more of the same up until late in the afternoon I started to feel better, so much so that I think I had three or four days of energy and I took it all out on the dance practice attendees.

Wednesday I was back to work, and happily so, but not energetically so. I took a break in the afternoon and went to the company store and met my future BFF.

Thursday night after work I went to church and installment six of Mass Chaos. After mass we went to the west Blue Sushi, and everyone order a different kind of sushi and it was all so wonderful.

Friday I went to the Jitterbugs dance. I know that I am not taking pictures in the dance hall for a while, but Cliff is back at it, and I'm glad.
May 14, '10 18of21 - Cliff
Although with pictures like this of me, should I be so glad? Photo credit: Cliff.

Enjoy the mini-Christmas lights in the above pictures, you won't see them again. Saturday was clean up day at the Eagles Club at the lights were one of the casualties. I worked from 1000 to 1345 minus pizza time. Much thanks to Nate, Christy, Lindsay and her girls, Amanda, Maggie, Robyn, Brianne, Joe, and Ruth for help. If you think the place looks better (and smells good) you should thank them too with a dance.

The funny part for me was getting up on the high ladder to remove some tape from the highest beam on the ceiling. It was doable at my height from the third to last step on the ladder, but I could not make my feet go above the fourth from last step. Fortunately everyone was very understanding. I did get up the ladder for lots of other stuff, but not above that step, I know the limits of my fear conquering.

In the evening Stacy had her housewarming. She said 'no gifts', but I brought her a two liter bottle of Diet Pepsi ... I'm glad I did, it came in handy. I also brought The Game of Things which we played, to much hilarity. I'd like to be able to take a game like that seriously ... maybe. I was giggling before Keith got there, and then it was more like guffawing. After the hostess walked in and put a kabosh on us reading through every card and seeing how it fit with *censored*. We also played a game that was new to me, Boxers or Briefs. It is a social, get to know people, game that I actually WON, even while being silly. I liked it before I won, thanks.

100_2597.JPG - Me
The happy hostess.

100_2582.JPG - Me
The happy Sarah. I believe Jenny is getting the dirty look.

100_2592.JPG - Me
Becky set me up for this.

You can see all my pictures of the event here!

Sunday was installment #7 of Mass Chaos, you can read about it on the other blog. The rest of the day was quiet and full of my friend, xBox.

Next week: more stuff and things.

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