27 May 2010

Third Week in May 2010

Dance, dance, dance, dance. It was a four dance week. I love dancing, I wish I actually had talent instead of having a skill at it. I understand the art of it, but making my body do what I want, that's hard.

Monday while I was at work, I started getting texts to go to Ozone and dancing. I said no, no, no, no, no ... so it was a lot of fun, I got there early, ordered dinner, and sat down and enjoyed the crowd. I heard, rather than saw, Connie on the other side of the room, Yvonne was in town, Sara was there. Brianne and Todd joined me at the table. Ben, Paige, and Robyn were at another, and then Josie and Nate showed up later. The dance floor was a little too crowded, but the band, Mike Gurciullo and his Las Vegas Lab Band was ON.

Tuesday has become unofficially official lawn work day. It just works out better all the way around, so I cut the lawn when I got home. Ah, the pleasure of making tall grass short. After I got myself all cleaned up, ate a quick dinner, and went downstairs for dance practice.

Wednesday I did nothing and went to sleep early.

Thursday night was game night at Kaleb's. I got there and ate right away. I then played two games I hadn't played before. Endeavor, a map expansion game that seemed quite familiar due to the mechanics of the game. This one features the player as the white colonial expansionist, and it even distastefully has a slavery option. I came in second to CJ, but it was close, I made up a lot of ground at the end of the game. The second game was Blue Moon City, Troy seems to like it, but this could be because it has dragons. I won the game, I was pretty meh about it, but it could be because I was getting tired.

Friday and Saturday went by with some usual stuff, dance, friends, it was pretty slow and mellow. Sunday was the busy day, and I had the camera. First up was the latest installment of Mass Chaos. After church, Brianne, Joe, and I went to Lisa's Radial Cafe for brunch.

100_2626.JPG - Me
I swear Brianne has radar for my camera.

100_2628.JPG - Me
Christmas joined us. I had a kielbasa scramble with guacamole, mmmm. There was also a straw wrapper incident, yeah that didn't turn out so well.

Immediately after lunch we headed down to Lindy in the Park, it was a much warmer day than the first one, possibly too much so. There were many good pictures taken.

100_2643.JPG - Me
Maeg isn't a doll, she's an action figure!

100_2650.JPG - Me
This is one way of waking Ben up, here is another.

100_2664.JPG - Me
One of several pictures I was quite happy with. I didn't develop camera envy until the next stop.

My pictures are here, Matt's are at the bottom of this page, Maeg took some too, and if you look around the interwebs you'll find more from Cliff and Brianne, and probably more too.

Last stop on Sunday's tour was an 'official' graduation for Ben. You may remember the unofficial one from January. This one was official, and mixed with his sister's graduation, but lot's of photo ops.

100_2711.JPG - Me
I tried to explain to Ben he wasn't taking the picture with Emma for memory sake, but to impress the girls with his child skills.

100_2671.JPG - Me
Hey, look, an appearance by Insignificant Other.

100_2680.JPG - Me
We had plenty of fun playing balloon volleyball, and took many bad pictures of it.

The rest of my pictures are here, and Maeg's are here. It was good time, and we stayed a pretty long time. The baby belongs to Chrissy, and it was good to see her after such a long time in Cali.

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