17 June 2010

Second Week in June 2010

Really, I'm so busy, and summer hasn't even officially started yet. Sheesh. Monday I was out, Tuesday I had dance practice, and I was looking forward to nothing to do on Wednesday, when I noticed at lunch that Ben R had posted to his Facebook that he would be playing on the corner of 11th and Harney in the Old Market with Insignificant Other. How could I miss that?
100_2981.JPG - Me
Not pictured: the beginning of the night at The Upstream.

100_2879.JPG - Me
The band allowed us to sing along, or couldn't stop us legally, one or the other ... no, they didn't share any money.

100_2867.JPG - Me
Of course we danced, you had to ask?.

You can see all the pictures I took from our adventure right here.

Thursday I was out and Friday it was on to the dance. We have Dan and Gabby in from Seattle teaching Lindyhop, and so I took a class from them on Friday. It turns out that I was also on the tear down crew, so it's a good thing I did show up.

Saturday was the long await wedding for Micah and Keith. There isn't too much to say about it other than congratulations and God bless, well that and a bunch of pictures.

100_3042.JPG - Me
100_3069.JPG - Me
100_3146.JPG - Me
100_3139.JPG - Me
100_3168.JPG - Me

You can see all the pictures I took from the wedding right here. I'm sure you can barely trip over the internet without hitting about 5,000 more, but just in case, here are Matt's. Check Facebook for more.

Sunday was another adventure for Mass Chaos, you can read about it here.

Sunday evening myself, Brianne, Joe, and (eventually) Frank met at DJ's Dugout in Bellevue to watch the Cubs-White Sox game. I showed up in a Cubs t-shirt and official cap, Joe showed up in a throwback Sox jersey and a cap. You can guess how it went, only you'd be wrong, it was quite the pitchers duel, the Sox pitcher going 7 1/3 innings with no hits, the Cubs pitcher going into the 9th inning with his. We had a lot of fun and ate a lot of food.

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