04 June 2010

Last week in May 2010

The shortest 'week' post ever. Last week was an on call week, so I didn't do a whole lot. Monday was meh. Tuesday I did lawn work and then went to dance practice. Wednesday the internet went down at the house just as I was trying to fix some on call issues, so that was awkward. Thursday was the same as Monday. Friday I decided to brave the on call phone and go to the dance. I got there late and luck held and I didn't get called.

Saturday was very busy with work, and I tried to get as much sleep as possible.

Sunday was a busy day, but not with work, and not really until the afternoon. First came Mass Chaos, you can read about it on the Mass Chaos blog. After church we went to dinner at Old Chicago. After that we went to Cosmic bowling. No matter what Maeg might claim to the contrary, I was the winner, and more importantly Cass added to his bowling legend.

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