19 August 2010

Second week in August 2010

Monday night after work I began a Bible study at Sarah M.'s house. We're studying the Gospel of John, and I thought it went very well. I almost used a different word there, but I thought I might sound too much like Jillian. It appears that we are going to focus not just on the Word, but the why's and what's in context. The first challenge, read the Gospel of John through in one sitting.

Tuesday night after work I hurried downtown Omaha to see everyone's favorite acoustic band, Insignificant Other play outdoors in the 100°F plus heat.

100_5238.JPG - me
It was so hot out that they brought a cooler of ice water for the people watching, that's class.

100_5263.JPG - me
Despite the heat, people still danced.

100_5284.JPG - me
As I walked to my car big storm clouds blew up down south, I got a few shots like this, Maeg got some better ones from a different part of town.

After the show the band and the fans went to Ted and Wally's. I got a triple scoop with Cinnamon Coffee on the bottom, Red Raspberry in the middle, and Vanilla Cappuccino on the top. You can see all my pictures from the event here.

Wednesday was a catching up day, and Thursday was an extra Jitterbugs dance at the Joslyn Museum. I can't pass that up at the price it was ... free ... oh, and I got some great shots!

100_5301.JPG - me
The sun was behind the sculpture, I was able to capture it without having any one element overwhelming any other ... in other words, I'm really happy with this picture, and hopefully it was a result of planning a good picture. Regular readers may notice not so much whining about my camera lately.

100_5308.JPG - me 100_5322.JPG - me
I liked these dancing pictures I took pretty well...

#21 August 2010 on Facebook - Brianne
...but Brianne rocked it out on her camera too. Photo credit: Brianne

Friday night we planned a dinner at the suggestion of a friend who ended up doing something else ... but it's okay. We went out to Blue, had sushi and a good time. Afterwards we headed up to Jitterbugs and danced.

Saturday morning I was up early for the ALS Walk. When am I ever going to learn to be 'on time' for things like this. Anyways, I was so 'on time' that I had nothing to do for about an hour, but this year, I brought the camera!

100_5349.JPG - me 100_5356.JPG - me
100_5361.JPG - me 100_5362.JPG - me
100_5365.JPG - me 100_5366.JPG

I actually liked quite a few pictures I took, you can see them all here. Saturday afternoon I played some more Dragon Age: Origins on XBox. I'm not very good a video games, so getting through one can be a challenge, and that sure wasn't going to happen in an afternoon. Saturday evening I headed over to Markus' going away party. I got a chance to sit with him for a few minutes and discuss faith while everyone else did the social thing. If Markus' does get through seminary, the future of the church is in good hands.

Sunday I headed out early and went to church for Mass Chaos #17 and the Saint Stanislaus Polish Festival. Mass was quick and we headed out to eat. Polish food could use some color, but it sure tasted good, and we all ate too much.

100_5411.JPG - me 100_5412.JPG - me
100_5413.JPG - me 100_5414.JPG - me
The chances of anyone actually remembering why we did this are pretty slim, and for the record, I was the only one of the four of us who actually has any Polish blood, but I'm pretty sure we're all proud.

You can see all my pictures from the Polish fest here. The only other thing that was remotely interesting was I got a hankering for Alvarado's after 2100 and went and got some.

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