26 August 2010

Third Week in August 2010

Monday night I continued with Bible study at Sarah M.'s house. It was mostly a recap of what we had covered the previous week, so not much new to report. Tuesday I went out to Ted & Wally's for ice cream with Teri, I had a triple scoop of something coffeeish. Wednesday I cleaned for the party.

Thursday game night at CJ's, it was also his birthday, and his sister Amy was in town. He grilled, we ate, then we played games. We played a new game, To Court the King, I liked it (meaning I won), it's a (potentially) fast moving dice game that reminded me of Dominion. We then played Betrayal at House on the Hill. Tony (Trevor) was the betrayer, that so and so. We ended up defeating him rather handily, from a lack of understanding what the haunt actually was.

Friday after work I met Brianne and her family at a wedding in Elkhorn. Brianne was in the wedding party, and I can say was a very nice reception, and the bride was super friendly.

100_5468.JPG - me 100_5469.JPG - me 100_5467.JPG - me 100_5484.JPG - me
Just a few of the scenes, if you'd like to see them all, they can be found here

Immediately following the wedding, I went downtown to the last five minutes of the Jitterbug dance. Okay, it was probably more like about fifteen minutes. The dancing bug is very infectious, and I had to get some more in. Later when I got home, my intention was to sleep so I could be well rested for all of Saturday's party. Yeah, that didn't happen, first I ate something, then I laid down. I got back up out of bed to mention something about the planning, and I forgot to go right back to sleep. It was 0345 or so before I got back down. Sheesh.

Saturday morning dawned early (0915) and I got up and was working on a project that will become apparent once you finish reading my whole post. At 1030 I decided it was late enough to start cutting the lawn for the party. Evidently it wasn't late enough, I woke up Merinda. It was a little sweaty getting the lawn ready, but by 1300 or so it was all done and I went to work on other things. Finally around 1500 all the prep for the party was done, and next on the agenda was to pick up Kevin at 1630. Nap time, right?

Well, I laid down and maybe got ten minutes sleep when something woke me up, I called Kevin and got roped into taking him to Spirit World. So we got there and we were looking at all the beers, when I started talking about Point Special Lager and how it was the beer that got me to actually start drinking beer. Before then I had only had macro brews, this beer was different, it actually tasted good. Once I discovered beer could actually be tasty, I learned to drink for the taste of it, rather than any 'other' motive. I grabbed a six pack of Goose Island 312, and was wrapping up my dissertation, when Kevin couldn't find one of his favorites, Red Stripe. So we asked one of the gentlemen working there about it, and he couldn't find any. So then the guy says "If you like Red Stripe, you might want to try Point Special..." Ah, nothing like instant beer cred. Kevin ended up getting ((I will insert beer name if Kevin ever tells me what it is)). We then spent the next 30 plus minutes tracking down four 20 pound bags of ice, and then arrived at the party at about 1705.

The party started a little slow, but it got rolling pretty good pretty fast.
It started with everyone hanging out on the deck and in the back. Photo credit: Matt

Carrie's Wedding, Nothnagel BBQ, & Mass Chaos/Lindy in the Park 53 of 118 - Brianne
There were plenty of nomz, in fact if you come over any time in the next week you can probably get free food. Photo credit: Brianne

P1090145.JPG - Matt IMG_0001.JPG - me
Carrie's Wedding, Nothnagel BBQ, & Mass Chaos/Lindy in the Park 55 of 118 - Brianne Carrie's Wedding, Nothnagel BBQ, & Mass Chaos/Lindy in the Park 62 of 118 - Brianne
There were indoor games, outdoor games, playground games, and Rock Band games. In case you're wondering, I dared Amanda to go down the middle slide, don't worry, you're not brave enough to do it. Upper left photo credit: Matt, Bottom two photos credit: Brianne

P1090177.JPG Nothnagel BBQ 2010 17 of 31 - Sarah
Of course, there was dancing! Left photo credit: Matt, right photo credit: Sarah

P1090200.JPG - Matt
A game of Twister started later in the evening and we discovered... Photo credit: Matt

100_5536.JPG - me
...there is no dignity in this game.

P1090211.JPG - Matt
Things began to get a little strange, we'd like to blame alcohol, but really, we're just odd people to begin with. Photo credit: Matt

100_5538.JPG - me 100_5542.JPG - me
100_5549.JPG - me 100_5546.JPG - me
You have a fan, a camera, silliness is just bound to happen.

100_5566.JPG - me
Finally it was late and as seems to happen at Nothnagel parties, a pile of ladies ends up on the couch.

Somehow it still took me another two hours to get to bed. So, I took a bunch of pictures, you can find them here. Matt took a bunch of pictures too, he didn't put them in a set, but you can start here and click 'older'. Brianne put hers all in a big weekend group, so you can click here and go forwards (and see pictures from the previous wedding, and the soon to follow Mass Chaos and Lindy in the Park), and finally the picture thief Sarah put up a bunch of pictures from the party, it's kind of a highlight reel with some originals, you can find them here.

Sunday morning the alarm went off at 0900, and I said 'huh?' I managed to roll out of the rack and get to church on time. It was an amazing service and inspiring experience, you can read about it here.

I ran home, uploaded some pictures, then headed down to Lindy in the Park with Merinda and left over food.

P1090287.JPG - Matt
Lindy in the Park has a new location, and it's not as big, but it's cooler ... literally ... more shade. It's at 11th and Farnam. Photo credit: Matt

100B5641.JPG - me
I experimented with one of the settings to get some good 'portraits'. Both Megan and Jenny make good 'models' for different reasons.

100_5661.JPG - me
By this time I've learned the timing of my camera, so I can hit the button correctly to get shots like this. I want someone to get a shot of me doing a transfer jump with Katie, I think she's about four feet in the air.

On Thursday I found out that CJ was going to be running a new Pathfinder game. It's based on D&D 3.5, so it contains a lot of familiar elements. This game took place on Sunday night. For the first time in years I am actually going to 'role play'. Since I have moved to Omaha, I have consistently played a healing cleric, mostly because no one else wanted to or didn't know how to. I have also played spell casters on occasion, for the same reasons. However this time, I'm actually going to play something different, with a backstory and a personality that isn't just me pretending to be a cleric. The other people playing are Ben and Chris. Ben is playing a shadow sorcerer, and Chris is playing a monk. I am playing an Inquistor, and it's going to be fun, and maybe I'll learn how other people think. Probably more to follow on this.

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