03 August 2010

Fourth Week in July 2010

It's an on call week, and therefore, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I did nothing. With how crazy work is, the break was nice.

Thursday I took a risk and went dancing at Jazz on the Green. It turned out well. The new Jazz on the Green location at Midtown crossing is beautiful and spacious(!). What little there could to be to complain about is the small dance area. My thought is that issue will get fixed all by itself because: a) it was obvious that the area had already been resodded from just this summer's use, and b) that the sod was coming up. No one will want to continue to pay for that.

100_4711.JPG - me
100_4719.JPG - me
100_4726.JPG - me
There were lots of friends there, you can see the rest of my pictures here. A shout out to the Prairie Cats, you guys were on.

Friday after work I went to Heidi's birthday party at Wheatfield's at Shadow Lake. We had dinner, Brad and I goofed off, and there were hummingbird moths.

100_4743.JPG - me
The birthday girl.

100_4746.JPG - me
The girls tried a hula dance, so did Brad and I, we were not as successful.

100_4762.JPG - me
This picture is 100% about the pink balloon.

100_4783.JPG - me
See, there
were hummingbird moths!

You can see the rest of my pictures here. If you're Heidi's friend on Facebook she put up some too, including an odd, disturbing picture of Jen with a knife.

Saturday was pretty much a chill day. Brianne and I went to dinner and then on a car ride down Bellevue Boulevard, Gifford Farm, and the north end of Old Towne Bellevue. She was amazed at all the deer, and the houses, and the scenery, and took some good pictures.

100_4743.JPG - me
It turns out that Brianne had never seen one of these in the wild. Photo courtesy Brianne.

After it got too dark to troll around looking at houses and wildlife, we got some Dairy Queen (foreshadowing).

Mass Chaos finally lived up to it's name on Sunday. We planned on going to Saints Peter and Paul on 36th and X at 11:30, two problems: no 11:30 Mass, and they were having their parish festival. Oops. Fortunately, a plan B was readily available. We met at the same Dairy Queen and talked to our FOCUS missionaries, and then went to Mass at Saint Mary's in Bellevue. After Mass, we went over to the house and planned out the next few month's for Mass Chaos ... with a plan to verify Mass times beforehand.

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