27 October 2010

First Week in October 2010

October! The end of the busy season that starts at my birthday and runs seeminly nonstop through Merinda's Halloween party. The weather changes, the air smells different, and I gotta start thinking about figuring out how to work Troy's snow blower.

Monday after work I went over to Shannon's house and had dinner and hung out for a bit.

As some of you may know, I meditate or nap in my car during my lunch hour at work, well I did so on Tuesday and I had the most disturbing dream about shoveling VK's driveway last winter ... ugh. After work we had another installment of dance practice for "Thrill the World", i.e. the simplified MJ's Thriller dance. This is my second year of doing it, I'm hoping I am getting better.

Wednesday I had to get on the phone with the medical insurance company, and I was all ready for a fight that I didn't get. The person on the phone was helpful and got everything working. A far cry from my last interaction with them, or my mother's recent experiences. After work I paid a very short visit to Shannon's before they scurried off to church.

Thursday was a Husker football party at Stacy's. The Huskers won and the company was a lot of fun.

Friday I went shopping at Penney's at lunch. I ended up waiting in line three times as long as it took me to pick out what I wanted, and then I was through line in about :45 seconds. I'd like to see a company with *cough cough* to get people through line at a reasonable rate. Penney's isn't in the business of chatting, they are in the retail business. Later in the evening I went to the dance, but it was pretty dead.

Saturday I went thrifting with Merinda to get items for my Halloween costume. In the afternoon I went to Becky and Kevin's wedding.

The current couple and the next couple.

Stacy and Holly were dressed in their impressionistic best.

Jenny and I doing the Cha-Cha slide, this got 80 views on my Flickr account, someone liked it.

You can see the rest of my wedding pictures here. After Becky's wedding, it was Kaleb's big event, his annual murder mystery party, with a Blade Runner theme. It was on top of the Old Market Lofts downtown which made for a picturesque backdrop. I thought I was doing well to figure out what was going on, but all my hard work and analysis did not payoff with victory, Merinda did well, so that made it better. There are a bunch of funny stories, but they probably only are funny in the context of ... well, you had to be there. The setting made for some easy, good shots.

Lisa and I before the actual mystery began.

Um, yeah.

The host explains the set up.

100_8366 100_8356
100_8350 100_8346
Like I said, good shots were easy to find.

You can see all of my Murder Mystery party pictures here, and Matt took a couple pictures which can be found here. After the thing was over, Ben and I stood on the 10th Street Overpass outside the Durham Museum and talked for about an hour and a half.

Sunday was the latest episode of Mass Chaos. We went to a 1000 Mass on 10/10/10. Well, we thought we were clever. Afterwards we went to the usual, DJ's Dugout to watch football, i.e. the Bears. They won! The only other exciting news was that Frank and Lindsay got engaged, congratulations!

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