26 October 2010

Fourth Week in September 2010

Monday was soda cut down day. It's obvious that I like soda a little more than is good for me. The plan is this, cut down to a soda in the morning (for caffeine) and one at lunch. I was a cranky pants that first day, okay first four days. I'll try cutting down more (smaller portions) on November 1. My new best friend is Sobe Lifewater Blackberry Grape.

Work went well, except for my cranky pants. A long vacation was just what I needed to improve my work attitude. After work I went to Vivian's birthday party. I knew that I would be late, but no one there had ordered by the time I got there. It was at an Italian place called Malaras on 23rd and Pierce. I had Angel Hair in a white sauce. The white sauce was amazing, but the salad was obviously of 'the open a bag and over pour Wishbone Italian dressing on it' variety. It seemed to me that the salad must be customer driven because the white sauce was so well made. Eventually we went back to Matt and Viv's and had some martinis.

The birthday girl's shirt says "I'm Vivian, and you're lucky to have me." Yes we are!

VivBday 15
We had a little fun with Vivian's leftovers. Photo credit: Matt

Which one of us is me and which one is Jenny?

I just want to point out how much I respect Vivian, I went to her party rather than watch the Bears on Monday night Football. You can see the rest of my pictures here, and all of Matt's here.

Tuesday night was another installment of blues dance practice, it's quite the challenge for me because the dance is not structured. Wednesday I played catch up with chores. Thursday night was the latest installment of our Pathfinder saga, we're starting to be less stupid. Friday I went to JNO and did some dancing.

Saturday evening we took a trip out to Fort Calhoun and Saint John the Baptist and Mass Chaos. After Mass we went to the Surfside Club for some artery clogging goodness.

The river was pretty high.

Considering this little guy was hanging out in front of the Surfside begging for food, he was awfully skinny.

It's so loud in there you can hardly spell.

You can see the rest of my Surfside pictures here. After the Surfside I went up to the Dundee Dell and met some friends to celebrate Courtney's birthday. I had fish and chips, so yes, I ate badly.

Sunday several of us gathered in the basement of our house to watch Blade Runner in preparation for Kaleb's Murder Mystery Party. I hadn't see the movie in years, so I had forgotten what a masterful performance it was by Rutger Hauer in that movie. Later in the evening, we had our second Pathfinder session of the week. I know that funny role playing stories do not translate into real life, so I'll spare you the stories. I think I'll manage to get caught up with the blog backlog fairly quickly this week.

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